I’ve had a (somewhat surprising) increase in activity lately, so I thought I’d give a quick update. It’s been half a year since my surgery! That’s insane. Time flies when you’re living life.

A couple of months ago, I entered into a relationship, so I’ve been having fairly regular sex. It’s been absolutely great. I mean, I had to figure out condoms at first, but that was relatively easy. Years of sex ed prepared me well. I haven’t had any problems with my junk in that regard. However, every now and then, the scar tissue does get irritated and slightly itchy. I think this i because it is still healing a bit and it’s never a big enough problem to have to call up the urologist.

I can’t say enough how happy I am with my decision. I feel like I finally have a normal sex life. I’m not afraid to expose myself in public showers, etc. etc. There has literally not been a single long-term downside to getting a circumcision. If you are currently struggling with the decision because of phimosis, paraphimosis, or some other health issue, I would strongly urge you to take the plunge and call a urologist to have it done. The sooner you get cut, the sooner you can get to normal!

After the jump, there are some pictures and physical descriptions of what’s been going on with my junk…

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I had penetrative sex for the first time since I was circumcised (and for the first time ever, actually) a few weeks ago. It was really, really great and there was absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. For me, this was the last step in my healing process, so I’m very excited about it. I’m also very excited about my new relationship, but that’s not what this blog is about.

I don’t have any pictures for you all, but I will try to describe the physical aspects of my healing up to now. The scar has softened a lot and loosened up a bit. It’s still pretty prominent, but the two people who have seen my penis up close since my surgery weren’t able to tell that I hadn’t been circumcised at birth. The inner foreskin that remains has also darkened somewhat and the head has become more purple (especially when I’m erect). Sometimes the scar is itchy, but it’s very minor and doesn’t happen very often. Some of the pinholes from the stitches remain as divets in my skin and probably will forever. However, they are hardly noticeable and I’m pretty sure that I only notice them because I see my penis daily.

In terms of sensitivity, I would say that things have pretty much stabilised. I was concerned with losing sensitivity as a result of circumcision, but I had no reason to worry, really. Things feel different for sure, but just as good. I’ve gotten over the learning curve associated with using lubricant for masturbation (little trick: saliva can make a little bit of lube go a loooong way) and I’ve even been able to masturbate without lube in a pinch.

The last healing piece (and it’s a pretty minor one) is the fact that I feel a lot more comfortable with my penis on display now. I used to avoid the showers at the gym because I didn’t want people seeing my weird junk, but now I’m completely alright with it. Also, I’ve gotten lots of compliments on how my penis looks. It’s not a huge deal for me, but it does feel nice to be unashamed of such a fundamental part of my body.

There probably won’t be any big reasons for me to update this blog for a while, but I can provide updates on request. Just drop me a comment with questions or whatever and I can try to address them. Of course, I am not a professional, so anything I say is based on personal experience/things I’ve read on the internet. You should always consult a doctor if you’re at all concerned with your junk. It’s your junk, after all.

Peace out for now!


It’s been a while since I last posted! This is because the healing process has reached a point where I feel pretty normal and, while things are still healing, the rate has slowed down markedly. The scar has softened quite a bit, but is still noticeable. Sometimes it gets slightly irritated by rubbing, but I generally don’t have any problems with it. The bumpiness of the inner foreskin has decreased a lot, too. The underside is still a bit lumpy, but it is definitely softening up.

I unexpectedly noticed quite a size increase in my penis up to now as well. I knew that my foreskin was preventing me from reaching my full size at full erection, but I did not realise that I would gain almost a full inch in length in the months following the surgery. I noticed a slight increase in girth where my foreskin was tightest as well. I’m pretty sure that this is atypical and not something that should be expected from a circumcision; everything I read beforehand said that my penis size should not have been affected in any way. However, it’s been a welcome surprise.

Last night I had my first sexual encounter with a partner following my surgery. There was no penetration involved, but everything else went really well. My partner had nothing but praise for my penis and didn’t seem to notice (or care about) my bumpy circumcision scar. I have to admit that I was disappointed with my first ever real blowjob. It just didn’t do much for me. Maybe my partner lacked skill–I have no reference points, after all. Time to collect more data, I guess!

I am overwhelmingly satisfied with my decision and so happy that I finally worked up the courage to have the surgery done. It has been a great experience, overall, and totally worth the pain.

Check out some updated pictures:

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This post is coming to you about a week late! Sorry! I had planned on posting at the 6 week point, as the urologist told me that I should be healed enough to have sex at that point. However, I was just coming into one of the worst weeks of my semester then, so I didn’t have the time to post.

Changes have been so gradual since my last update that I hardly notice them. However, when I visually compare my pictures from then and now, the differences are obvious. Things other than the appearance have changed as well.

Erections are now 100% pain-free and thoroughly enjoyable.The sensitivity in my glans has decreased significantly. I’m still experiencing mild hypersensitivity, but it’s nothing too bad and it doesn’t affect my day-to-day comfort. In fact, I hope my frenulum remains as sensitive as it is now, because it gives me amazing orgasms–waaaay better than when I had my foreskin. The scar is still quite rigid and bumpy, but it has gotten softer for sure. I decided to forego the emu oil after I did some research. I didn’t want to be putting anything on my genitals that might cause problems (now or later). It turns out that lots of rubbing helps with scarring too, and I think I’ve got that covered!

The lumpiness associated with internal sutures has decreased both on my shaft and on my frenulum. I’m not sure if the sutures are still in me or not, but the urologist said not to worry about them at all, so I’m not. My glans seems to have increased in size when I’m erect and has what I think is more of a “normal” colouration than it did right after the surgery (note: penis colouration is highly variable! Yours might be coloured differently than mine!)

There have been some setbacks since my last check-in, though. About a week ago, I was peeing and I noticed a white bump near one of the suture holes. I didn’t think anything of it and left it. It started to hurt a bit and was kind of itchy throughout the day, though, so I examined it later. The bump was filled with a white, odourless fluid. I squeezed it and quite a bit of fluid came out, along with some blood. That was pretty terrifying. However, since the fluid was white and odourless (as opposed to yellow/green and stinky), I reasoned that the bump was just an immune response to internal sutures. The same thing happened when I first had my nipples pierced and I was told it was completely normal when a foreign body is in your own. So I applied some antibacterial cream and left it alone. It cleared up within a day.

On top of that, when I went to masturbate a few days ago, I noticed that the scar line wasn’t moving along my shaft as I got hard like it normally does as my penis grows and the skin is pulled back. I gently tried tugging it down and experienced some pain and discomfort. A quick google search told me that my scar line was adhering to my shaft. Apparently that’s pretty normal, but can be avoided with regular retraction and masturbation. So I continued jerking off. It hurt at first as I pulled the scar away, but then it was normal again. It hasn’t happened again since. I’m pretty sure that my one-a-day habit will prevent this in the future. Here’s hoping!


All in all, recovery is coming along very quickly and I’m very happy with that. I love my penis now! It sounds so strange, but I finally understand why some guys take such pride in their penises. It’s a good feeling. Take a look at some pictures and see why:

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The final suture-and internal one-came out all on its own today. That means I am officially stitch free!

The scar is still pretty bumpy and sensitive, especially where I had had suture blow-outs. In fact, it seems to have increased in sensitivity since the last time I examined it. It’s not too bad, but the sensitivity does cause a bit of discomfort as I am becoming erect. The urologist assured me that this will go away with time.

Just a couple more weeks until I will feel comfortable taking it for a test drive!


I visited the urologist today for my post-op. The appointment was brief and consisted of a few questions and a quick physical examination.

He asked me about how everything went when I returned home from surgery and if there was any bleeding or excess swelling. He wanted to know how long it took for me to be able to get back to normal life as well. Then he asked me about the stitches and I told him that I had removed them. This surprised him, but he concluded that I must be healing quickly if I was able to remove the stitches early without any problems. I thought this was strange because he told me that they should dissolve within 10 days, so I thought I had actually waited a long time to remove them.

Then he did a physical examination. He said everything looked really great and that I’m healing very quickly. He seemed almost surprised at how quickly the process has been. That’s a good sign! He also explained that the bump I noticed is just a tied-off vein. So, it’s sort of like thrombosis and I can expect it to go away over time. It’s obviously hard to predict how long that will take, but it’s not unsightly or anything, so I’m alright with it for now.

After about ten minutes, he told me that everything is well and there would be no need to see him again unless I ran into a problem. Even though the urologist simply confirmed most of what I already knew, it was reassuring to hear it from a professional. I’m officially completely in the clear! Woohoo!


I know I had promised pictures on Sunday, but my days got away from me a bit. Sorry!

It’s been three weeks since I was circumcised and I have to say that I’m starting to really feel normal. My glans is still a little hypersensitive, but it’s hardly noticeable unless I’m at the gym. I still wear my jock strap for the gym, because all of the movement can cause irritation and the jock keeps my junk in one place. Things are still obviously healing and will continue to do so for a while, but they look good. I’m going to try emu oil to help promote healing and scar reduction. I also still have at least one internal suture that’s poking out in my frenulum. I don’t want to touch it, because I know that the internal ones are supposed to take longer to heal. It doesn’t hurt at all.

Above all, I’m very, very, very happy with the results. As silly as it sounds, I feel comfortable peeing at public urinals now and I would be comfortable going into a public shower, for example. It’s nice to be proud of your genitalia, rather than ashamed of it! Of course, that’s not to say that foreskin is something of which to be ashamed. I like foreskin and I think it should be kept whenever possible. However, my foreskin carried with it a lot of personal shame, because it was defective and unsightly.

Masturbation has so far been excellent. A couple of the tougher stitches left behind some tightness that causes a bit of pain, but that only seems to happen when erections start. It’s minor and goes away quickly as I reach full erection. I’m sure as things heal it will go away completely. My erections are fuller, stronger, and more sustainable than when I had a tight foreskin pushing blood out of my glans. Also, I seem to have grown by about a half an inch at full erection. This supports my hypothesis that my foreskin was “holding back” my penis. Curvature is still there, but now at least I can reach my full potential!

Orgasms are also much more intense now that I can stimulate my glans directly. I can’t wait to try sex! Too bad I have to wait another three weeks before that can happen. Sigh.

Pictures are below:

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I simply couldn’t handle it anymore this morning; I just had to get off. So, after my workout I came home, showered, and set about removing my stitches.

It was no easy task. My urologist had tied them quite tight and many required cutting before I could pull them out. Cutting stitches that are in your penis is a terrifying activity, believe me. I’m happy to say that I managed to avoid cutting myself. The whole process was kind of painful, though, because I kept having to pull on the stitches. Ow! Cutting them also hurt because it usually meant that the scissor blade was pressing against the inner foreskin. But I experienced a huge release every time I pulled one out. I didn’t realize that they were causing mild irritation just by being there. When I pulled them out I sure noticed!

It was actually the best jerk off session I’ve ever had. I mean, it only lasted about three minutes, but those three minutes were just great. The sensation is actually completely different from when I had a foreskin in a very good way.  It was more intense and pleasurable and messy (but that’s probably just because I haven’t masturbated in 3 weeks). I also found that it was easier to maintain a very full erection, which typically was not the case when I had a foreskin. It was so good, I did it again!

Seriously, though, some of the stitches are going to leave some pretty awful scars, so I’m going to get some Vitamin E cream to start putting on the scar line now so it fades well. All in all, today has been a good one. I’ll have pictures for up tomorrow!


I didn’t post yesterday, because there wasn’t anything to report. Things have pretty much stabilised and are going really well. I’m not experiencing any excessive sensitivity and I’ve pretty much returned to regular life. I even had normal morning wood this morning and everything is looking great. However, peeing in public is still a bit awkward, because it is difficult to maneuver my penis out of my pants without causing pain. Also, my frenulum is still quite large and bumpy, but it has decreased in size slightly.

I’m a bit concerned about the stitches, since they still haven’t fallen out. If they are still there on Monday, I am going to call my urologist to see if I should cut them out. My main concern is with the permanent pinholes that can occur when dissolving stitches are left in too long. They also cause pain when they catch on things and that is (obviously) unpleasant.

Since things have slowed down a bit, I will be posting here weekly or when I reach important recovery milestones. For men considering getting cut, know that it takes about two weeks to feel normal again. As for masturbation, well hopefully I’ll be able to get back into that in a week.


Today was absolutely excellent. I woke up (after having slept for 7 hours without interruption) and had no discomfort whatsoever. I decided to try not wearing my jock strap and that turned out to be just fine. My glans is a bit sensitive still, especially around the ridge, but it sort of just feels like someone is tickling my dick when it rubs against my underwear. That’s a bit weird, but it’s way better than the constant, low-grade pain and extreme sensitivity I was experiencing before.

I don’t know what brought about this change, but I do know that a couple of the stitches on the underside have come out. Most of the pain I was experiencing was coming from this area, so maybe that’s why it feels so much better now? Who knows. In any case, healing is coming along swimmingly and I’m feeling even more confident about hitting the gym this weekend.

Take a look:

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