Hello blogosphere!

This blog is going to serve as a space for me to share my circumcision story with the internet. It seems a bit strange (even to me) for such a personal story to be shared with anyone who stumbles across it, but I have found a distinct lack of information surrounding adult circumcision on the web, especially as it relates to men working within the Canadian medical system. Most of the information I’ve found is related to penile appearance and sensitivity pre-and post-op. I will do a round-up post of these resources as they do have useful information. However, this blog will also be focused on the different medical aspects of the procedure as well as on the physical changes that result.

A little about me: I’m a 22 year old man with phimosis living in Ontario Canada. My case of phimosis is serious enough to prevent me from having penetrative sex and thus circumcision is medically necessary for me. I’m a university student in an Engineering program which takes up a lot of time and involves a lot of different commitments. I’m also queer–somewhere in between totally gay and totally straight. I’ve had male and female partners, all of whom have been very understanding of my condition (thankfully). All of this information is pertinent to the story, I promise.

My circumcision is scheduled for October 19 of this year (expect a post about the logistics of that) and I plan on blogging semi-regularly until then. The frequency of posting to increase as the date approaches and will continue steadily afterwards so that my full recovery can be documented. Feel free to follow along; hopefully my story will serve as a resource to men in similar situations and if it doesn’t please give me some feedback about what you’d like to know.



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