There are basically two major reasons for getting an adult circumcision. They include:

Cosmetic Reasons

 “I don’t like the way my dick looks/I think that other people don’t like the way my dick looks, so I’m going to surgically alter it to make it look better”

In my opinion, these are not really great reasons to get a circumcision. Would you get pec implants if you were unsatisfied with your chest muscles? No? Okay, then why would you CUT YOUR PENIS TO MAKE IT LOOK BETTER?

Make no mistake, I’m no intactivist. I just think that if you don’t need to surgically alter your body in a major way, then you probably shouldn’t. The full recovery time for a circumcision is about a year. A year that starts with stitches and blood and continues with intense penile sensitivity. I honestly cannot understand why it might be worthwhile to put yourself through such an experience just to look a different way.

Besides, it is very hard to tell the functional difference between a cut and uncut penis when it’s hard. I know.

In Canada, cosmetic circumcisions are not covered by insurance. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $5000 at a private clinic for cosmetic circumcisions. With this cost comes complete control over the surgery and expedient service. 

Medical Reasons

Many conditions render circumcision necessary. These include:

  1. Phimosis. This is when a tight foreskin cannot be retracted easily. Serious cases require circumcision, but sometimes surgery is not the only option. Phimosis is only really a problem if the foreskin is so tight that it prevents urination/ejaculation and/or penetrative sex or if it tears during sex/masturbation. My urologist told me that many men with phimosis lead happy sex lives without circumcision.

    A phimotic foreskin on an erect penis. I don’t own the rights to this picture.

  2. Paraphimosis.This is when the foreskin can be retracted, but cannot be replaced over the glans of the penis. It is a dangerous condition, because it causes blood to pool in the glans. Immediate attention is required to get the foreskin back over the glans, but circumcision is used to fix it permanently.

    A paraphimotic foreskin. I don’t own the rights to this picture.

  3. Bacterial/Fungal Infections. When these things are recurring, it is often because the foreskin is not being cleaned properly. Sometimes this necessitates circumcision, especially in younger boys. I think that if you suffer from recurring infections, circumcision becomes medically necessary in Canada and the cost is then covered by insurance.

    Yeast infection in a foreskin. I don’t own the rights to this picture.

I might’ve missed some reasons, but I think these are generally the major ones. If you are experiencing any of these things, you should visit your doctor to get treatment. You might need a circumcision, or to investigate other options which can solve the problem.

I decided to do something about my condition when it became obvious that I could not have penetrative sex. My foreskin is very negatively affecting my quality of life and, really, no man should have to experience that. If you’re in a similar boat, go get it fixed!


  1. JUSTIN said:

    Paraphimosis: This is caused by excessive masterbation or using a penis pump resulting in swelling around the foreskin. The swelling will go down and disappear the next day. Too bad men are told to cut it off.

    Bacterial/Fungal Infections: I’m not sure why you call it an infection. It is dead skin cells called smegma that is trapped under the foreskin from not washing or retracting for a period of time. It washes off like dirt to water. NO doctor is needed.

    Regards from a man with a long foreskin from Canadian.

    • Actually, paraphimosis is not necessarily caused solely by either of the factors you’ve mentioned. As someone who has experienced it without either, I can attest to that. Also, my doctor (you know, the professional who has years of training in this) informed me that paraphimosis doesn’t always go away spontaneously and must be corrected by physically returning the foreskin to it’s unretracted position, otherwise it will become a medical emergency. Again, I’ve been there, so you are simply wrong. This is in line with literally everything I’ve read about paraphimosis myself. Please check your research again.

      Once more, you are incorrect. Have you ever had a yeast infection in your foreskin? It is not just “dead skin cells”, but actual yeast growing on your skin. Once more, this is something I’ve personally experienced, so please don’t tell me it’s untrue. You might also want to check out balanoposthitis ( which is a bacterial infection of the foreskin/glans. There is a difference between smegma and infection and whenever infection occurs, a doctor IS, in fact, required. Please don’t post misinformation here again. For readers of this blog, if you experience symptoms of bacterial/fungal infections on your penis or foreskin, please see a medical professional.

      I’m glad your long foreskin is working for you, but for some of us, foreskin causes problems. Your bias towards foreskin is evident and is causing you to ignore some very real and serious medical problems that some guys face. You are not helping anyone by denying the existence of these problems and it is folks like you who have made it very difficult to find good, unbiased information when these problems arise. If you’re actually interested, please go and inform yourself. Otherwise–and I’m going to get rude here–shut up.

      • JUSTIN said:

        I only read the first page of this blog and felt strongly on this subject.

        The brief comment I made is from personal experience. Growing up I’ve heard nothing but negative comments from women and men either about the visual appearance or the functions of a foreskin and how nasty it is. In my teens that made me feel unnatural. Although I think attitudes are changing as we progress.

        Please realise my short comment was more of a defense reaction and no way to pass wrong info or to hurt anyone. The third picture does not look like a yeast infection, sorry, that triggered me to post the comment. I don’t deny all the information on this blog.

        Based on your reply and writing style I assume you are the owner of this blog. Sorry that I offended you. Unfortunately there is no delete button and I thought about my comment later knowing it will offend someone [as it sounds snippy], more importantly you. I can understand why you think I’m bias and ingnorant.

        Thank you for taking the time to document your painful and wonderful experience. You have a beautiful penis, any man or women is lucky to be with you.

        Best wishes for your engineering career.
        Love, Justin

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