Alternative 2: The Dorsal Slit

After my mishaps with stretching, I saw a urologist who discussed another circumcision alternative with me: the dorsal slit.

This alternative, while surgical in nature, is a lot less invasive than a circumcision and has the benefit of not removing any sensitive tissues (namely the frenulum). I had investigated this option before visiting my urologist, but he explained the procedure to me in more detail.

Basically, a dorsal slit involves making a cut in the dorsal (top) surface of the foreskin from the tip of the foreskin to the base of the glans. This loosens the foreskin and allows the glans to be exposed.

I combed through pictures of dorsal slits on the internet and concluded that I didn’t want the surgery for myself. My biggest concern was the post-op appearance of my penis. The dorsal slit procedure often leaves foreskin bunched up under the glans and it can look, in my opinion, very unsightly.

I figure that if I’m going to have to take the surgical route, I may as well be sure that I’m going to like the result. I signed a consent form in the urologist’s office right then and his secretary called me a few days later with the surgery date.

In Canada, a circumcision is a surgery requiring full anesthesia and an overnight stay at the hospital. This is true even at private clinics. It seems as though in the US this is not the case; rather, the surgery often takes place right there in the urologist’s office under local anesthesia, like getting stitches. I would’ve preferred the latter, but instead I have to wait to get into the OR. Alas.

There are two more alternatives to circumcision which are also surgical in nature. Preputioplasty is like a dorsal slit, but the slit doesn’t go all the way up and down the foreskin. Instead, it just releases enough of the tightness so as to allow the foreskin to retract. A partial circumcision involves removal of some, but not all of the foreskin so that the glans remains unexposed unless the penis is erect and so that the frenulum remains intact.

I haven’t discussed these options with my urologist yet, but I don’t think that either are possible. They are generally uncommon procedures because success (i.e. a functional penis) is not guaranteed with either. If I could guarantee that a partial circumcision would work, I’d certainly opt to have it done since it kind of offers the best of both worlds. However, it is unlikely that I’d even be able to request this procedure.

Since neither stretching nor a dorsal slit are appealing to me, and a partial circumcision is probably out of the question, I’ve opted to have a full circumcision.



  1. Rayz said:

    Foreskins are really cute. I think you should try stretching for at least a couple of months. Sounds to me like you were having some success you should keep at it a little bit at a time.

    • I agree! There are more benefits to having a foreskin than not. It keeps the gland soft and moist, aids in penile sensitivity, generally makes lube unnecessary, and (in my opinion) looks better.

      I am very much against unnecessary surgeries and would not be embarking on this journey if it were not required for me. I stretched for three months between my initial appointment and my appointment with the urologist. Then I continued to stretch after that for a few weeks. Like I said, for some men stretching just doesn’t work, unfortunately, and circumcision is a medical necessity.

      I have very seriously weighed the pros and cons of this for a long time and my decision is well-founded and supported by medical professionals.

      Thanks for reading!


    • Thanks for the support! I’ve checked out those circlist references already–that’s where I found out about the partial circumcision.
      After having thought it over, I decided to push my urologist to see if a partial circumcision is possible. I’m still not sure how to communicate with him, but it can’t hurt to call his office and see what’s up.

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