The Second Visit

As I mentioned before, in Canada you’ll need a referral to see a urologist. Depending on where you are, it can take a very long time to get to see a urologist. In my case, there was a four-month wait between my initial appointment and when I could see my urologist.

I was really bummed out when I found out I’d have to wait so long to get to the next step in an ever-lengthy process. I had prepared myself mentally for the appointment and the surgery and all that, so why the heck did I have to wait?? Besides, the sooner I had the urologist appointment, the sooner I could get into surgery, the sooner I could recover and get my dick wet (so to speak).

But, because the Canadian medical system is imperfect, I would have to wait. During the intervening four months, I did some research into adult circumcision. I found a bunch of stories from men about theirs–a quick google search gets plenty of useful hits. It seemed as though their experiences had gone slightly differently than my own; most men called up their urologist and had the surgery done a couple weeks later. Lucky them.

I also tried to get a definitive answer to the sensitivity question: would I be more or less sensitive post-op? What I found is that most of the adult circumcision bloggers didn’t follow-up after the full year of recovery and even if they did, the results were very subjective. I checked scientific literature on the matter as well and it seemed as though none of the studies could definitively say that things would be better or worse after a circumcision. In one study, men reported that they had more sex post-op, but enjoyed it less. Talk about conflicting evidence!

Since I wouldn’t be able to answer that question, I just worked on mentally preparing myself and attempting to stretch my foreskin (to no avail). When it came time for the appointment, I found myself confidently able to discuss my defective junk with the tiny Eurasian man sitting across the desk from me. He asked me all about my issue and seemed fairly skeptical–suspicious, even. I figured that he was just ensuring that my foreskin actually was causing issues and that I wasn’t lying to get a cosmetic circumcision for free. I wonder how often that happens?

After the questions, he put me on his examination table and inspected my penis. It wasn’t nearly as awkward as I had expected. He retracted my foreskin and explained to me that I have a phimotic band which constricts blood flow to my glans. Then he gave me two options: dorsal slit or a full circumcision. Since those were the only two on the table, I told him I wanted a full circumcision. He demonstrated on my penis what the surgery would be before putting my foreskin back and allowing me to put my pants back on.

In his office, we discussed the surgery in more detail and I signed a consent form. I was excited to be moving along with my issue. He sent me to the secretary to get my surgery date. It would be in about two month’s time, which was fine with me. Then I left. The whole thing took about 15 minutes and was exactly as I’d expected it.



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