A (Slight) Change of Plans

Thanks to a follower of mine, I’ve decided to try the stretching route again. This time, however, I will have more than just steroid cream at my disposal.

Dreamer linked me to this page which gives a bunch of resources for stretching techniques and tools which might be used to fix phimosis in a non-surgical way. I looked through the products and techniques and I think that, of all of them, the Phimocure might actually work for my particular case. Basically it is a series of silicon rings which are inserted into the foreskin to stretch it over time. The kit comes with a bunch of rings that increase in size. As the foreskin loosens, you go to the next size up. I’m going to try to pair it with the beta cream, because I’m pretty sure the steroids will help speed up the stretching process.

I think it could work for me because my phimotic band is the part that comes past the glans when I’m flaccid. As of now, I can temporarily get my foreskin over the glans when I’m soft, but it does not stay retracted on its own and it cuts off circulation to my glans a bit. I’m hoping the kit will stretch my phimotic band to a point where I can retract my foreskin and leave it retracted when I’m soft. From there, hopefully it will only take a bit of work to stretch it over my glans when I’m hard.

I’m not putting much faith in this kit and I don’t believe that it will work for me. However, I really do not want to part with my foreskin and I’m willing to try anything at this point. I will (obviously) keep my scheduled surgery for now. If this kit proves to be miraculous then I will cancel it. That will probably be a logistical nightmare, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. If the kit doesn’t work, then I go under the knife.

I will keep readers of this blog posted in terms of the progress when the kit arrives. Who knows, maybe this will turn into a story of my experience with foreskin stretching instead of a circumcision diary.



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