An Update

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t really had much to say since the last time I wrote. I realize I timed out my posts a bit poorly, so I’m sorry about that. I’ve got two major updates for you:


I tried the Phimocure device religiously for approximately four weeks since my last post and I experienced modest success with it. I managed to move up one ring size and found that it certainly did stretch my foreskin and made it easier to retract when I’m flaccid. However, I lost faith in it after I moved up a ring size, because it became clear that the device couldn’t stretch the entire length of my phimotic band because the rings are not long enough. Basically, I have a really long foreskin and there’s a long region of it that is tight. The Phimocure rings are not long enough to stretch the entire region of my foreskin that needs stretching. The pictures I provide in the next post will hopefully make this clearer. I also saw no improvement in the retractability of my foreskin when I’m erect.  However, I’m going to continue using it up until my surgery date, which is in a little under two months–what have I got to lose, right?

I think the Phimocure system would probably work for a lot of men suffering from phimosis and if you’re having issues, I would really suggest you check it out. The total cost is only $50 (Canadian) and it ships within a week. The rings come in varied sizes and if the smallest one is too big for you, the company will ship you a smaller one for free. The kit also includes a skin cream to help your foreskin to heal from the stretching. I think that it could probably help with frenulum breve as well, because of where it sits in the foreskin when you use it.

My only problem with the Phimocure is the prescribed usage frequency. You’re supposed to put the ring in your foreskin and keep it there for 45 minutes to one hour three times a day. For many professionals, this is simply not feasible. I tried using it discreetly at work a couple of times, but it kept slipping out of my foreskin at my desk. It’s very awkward to have in, but I think most people could manage a twice a day schedule.


I’ve gotten a few comments from people urging me not to follow through with my circumcision either because penises circumcised in adulthood “look weird” or because the commentors just really like foreskin. I thought I had made this clear before: my phimosis makes my penis non-functional for penetrative sex. This is not a cosmetic procedure for me; if I had my choice, I would certainly keep my foreskin, because I like foreskin too! I think it is hot and fun to play with and I actually like the look of uncut penises more than the look of cut ones, so I’d prefer my own to be uncut. Also, my dick already looks pretty damn weird. Pictures are coming in my next post, but imagine a flesh-tone dolphin and you’ll have an idea of what my penis looks like. One of my partners even used the word “diseased” to describe it. That was a bit extreme, but the point remains that my penis is already strange-looking. Got it?

So, I can either have a weird-looking and non-functional penis, or I can have a weird-looking one that allows me to have what I would define as a normal sex life. I’m going with option B, because, well, that bit about sexual satisfaction. It’s a pretty big motivator for me. I’ve done my research about the aesthetics involved and I know that I will have a very definite (and maybe jagged) circumcision scar that will likely take 8-10 years to fade to what is “normal”. I also know that my dick will be lumpy at the base of the head because of the veins which will be shortened as a result of the circumcision. I fully understand that it will take years for these veins to soften/redistribute to a point where my penis doesn’t have that lumpy look.

I’ve done my research and I understand the consequences of my choice to have a circumcision. I’ve also done the cost-benefit analysis for myself and circumcision is the right choice for me. It is very ignorant for commentors to tell me that this choice is wrong, or for them to suggest that it is uninformed. These actions upset me greatly and detract from the purpose of this blog. Please, if you’re going to tell me not to go through with this because of cosmetic reasons or personal preferences, just don’t. Find an intactivism blog to read instead. 



  1. jazz said:

    here is a link to a page read all the blogg which will give you an alternative to the full cut.

  2. jazz said:

    sorry i forget to add, i have had the same operation, (i like in the UK) its going well so far

  3. mw said:

    Hey. I am 24, having a similar problem and trying to avoid going under the knife. I was curious if you would be posting before/after pictures if what you are trying is successful. Cheers!

    • I will definitely be posting before and after pictures. My next post will be the before set and then I plan on doing daily post-op pictures for the first two weeks and probably a year out. I should mention that I’m going to try to avoid a full circumcision, so the after pictures may be of a preputioplasty surgery. Hopefully these will still be useful to you.

      If you’re trying to avoid getting cut, I suggest you research the Phimocure device I wrote about. I think it could be effective for many men with phimosis and it is definitely worth a shot. Stretching takes a lot of work, but obviously it is worth trying as a non-surgical solution.

  4. sylvester said:

    I’m a healthy 22 year old in the military who doesn’t have time three times a day to do stretching exercises.

    Your update seems like one of the most informative I’ve read so far. Hopefully this will even be read.

    I had a couple questions. With only having an hour for lunch and then time off after work, will the phimocure rings really help out? Or will this be one of those things that everyone says it just takes time, keep working at it, you’ll get there eventually…?

    Bottom line is that I’m in the same boat as you and want to be sexually active without it being an issue. Penetration works, but my foreskin is then forced back, which becomes painful, then you know the story. Sometimes it works, others it doesn’t, and confidence is low.

    I’d like to have a solution in a matter of weeks rather than months if possible. Hope the surgery goes (went) well!



    • Hi!

      I’m glad you’ve stumbled on my blog and found it useful.

      As I wrote in my post, the phimocure system didn’t work for me. I suspect that that was because of my unique physiology (i.e. my foreskin was too long for it), but I can’t be sure of that. I also can’t really give you an indication of the success rate, unfortunately. I know that I found it difficult to use for even two hours a day, so I can’t imagine doing the prescribed three. I guess it’s something that you just have to keep working at–I mean, you are stretching your skin after all. If you’ve got nothing to lose, maybe you should consider it, but don’t expect success in a matter of weeks by any means.

      I should warn, though, that one of the urologists I visited though that maybe the Phimocure system could be dangerous. Make sure you consider all risks before embarking on such an endeavour.

      Have you seen a urologist yet? If you’re having foreskin issues, you really should do that. I fully understand that it’s a time-consuming process, but think of it this way: the more time you spend not seeing a urologist, the longer the entire process becomes. You might make a uro appointment and be booked for surgery within a week, depending on where you are. It’s worth it for your own happiness!

      Best of luck


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