Day 0: Surgery

Surgery was today and it went really well! I arrived a bit late to the hospital because of a mix-up, but it was no problem. The nurse had me strip down and put on a hospital gown before she laid me down on a bed. We went through some standard questions, she checked my vitals, and then an orderly came and took me to the hallway outside the OR. There, a resident asked me some questions related to the anesthetic. Since I was nervous about this part, I asked her what the experience would be like, etc. She made me feel a lot calmer about the whole thing.

After that, it was into the OR. The resident gave me an IV then the¬†anesthesiologist introduced himself and my urologist appeared to give me a run-down. He was very smiley and made me feel super calm, which was great. Then the anesthesiologist administered the drugs into my IV. I felt a coldness running through my arm and chest and I remember saying “See y’all in a few” before waking up in the recovery room.

Apparently I’m pretty hilarious when I’m drugged, because the nurses were laughing at everything I had to say. I kept thanking everyone and I really wanted to know where my urologist was so I could shake his hand. I was also very concerned with the ultimate fate of my foreskin (it’s not going to a burn victim, as I expected). The drugs definitely had a good effect on me.

I was in the hospital for about two hours following the surgery, stoned out of my mind, before they would let me leave. I felt a bit of stinging pain (2/10) at the hospital, but when I got home and came down off the drugs it increased. Right now I’m at about 3-4 out of 10, but I’m about to take a Tylenol 3 to help with that. The pain is more a stinging sensation and I think it’s because my glans is fully exposed and rubbing. It goes away when I physically move my penis away from the fabric of my pants.

Urination doesn’t cause me any pain or discomfort and I’ve been doing my best to just relax with my junk slightly elevated. I can walk around without too much difficulty and generally feel fine. Of course, things look a lot worse than they feel:

Top view of my circumcised penis with dressing. Note the swollen head.

Side view of my circumcised penis with dressing. Note the blood. Penis blood is never a nice sight.

I’m not allowed to take the bandages off until Wednesday, which means no showering until then either. After that, I’m supposed to put polysporin on it daily and expect the stitches to dissolve/fall out within a week or a week and a half. Both nurses that handled me told me that if I get an erection and the stitches rip, that’s fine. It really doesn’t sound fine in my books; rather, it sounds quite painful. So far, however, the low-level pain has been enough to prevent even the thought of having an erection, so I think I’ll be able to avoid that fate.

Another update to come tomorrow!



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