Day 1

The last 24 hours have been just fine. I’ve been experiencing minor pain and crazy levels of sensitivity throughout, but neither of these things have been bad enough to say that they’re anything more than uncomfortable. I’ve only had to take two T3s, but I know that I am also not good at sensing pain, so I think that most men would be in more pain than I am now.

Night time erections were challenging on the first night. I woke up five times because of the extreme pain associated with them. I hobbled around my room until my erection died down each time–it was a very unpleasant experience. Needless to say, I’ve been pretty tired all day. Erections in general are pretty awful in this state. I never realized how much of the time I spend erect until now, because it hurts so much! Whenever I feel one coming on, I try to think of spiders and old men, but sometimes it’s just a wait-and-see situation.

Here’s what it looks like:

Top view of my circumcised penis with bandages on. Note the swollen glans.

Side view of my circumcised penis with bandages on. More blood is visible today compared to yesterday.

I’m a little concerned by the level of swelling at this point, as it has increased from yesterday. If it continues to swell, I will call my urologist to be sure that everything’s alright. The nurse said to worry when urination becomes a problem. Well, my glans is so swollen that when I urinate it kind of fans out everywhere because my urethral opening is quite narrow right now. Because of this, I accidentally peed on my cat before I realized that I should probably sit to pee–oops! She’ll be alright, though. I don’t think I’m at a problem level just yet, but I do want to be cautious.

Tomorrow will be the big reveal! Will I find a tiny alien under all those bloody bandages? Stay tuned to find out.



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  1. Thoughts, feelings&observations said:

    Good lord, I remember my first day. I only got local anesthetic as it was a procedure done within 30 minutes or something (the second time around, when the surgeon knew what she was doing. The first one cocked it up, no pun intended). And I remember the erections. The pain. The tears. But when I healed…. oh my me. It was so wonderful. The first time I was able to retract my foreskin and see my glans I cried….

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