Day 2: Bandages Off

As instructed, I had my first shower since the surgery this morning and took off my bandages.

The experience was probably one of the more horrifying things I’ve ever had to do, I won’t lie. The gauze wasn’t a big deal in terms of pain or anything, but as I removed each layer, my junk looked worse and worse. Psychologically-speaking, that wasn’t fun. The actual bandages themselves were pretty well-stuck, which I expected. I loosened them in the hot water (which was quite intense on my glans) before gently removing them.

This is where I started to feel shaky and nauseous. I think this was caused by a combination of pain and shock at what I was looking at. I mean, I knew what it could look like, but seeing that on my own penis was a bit of a surprise. I thought I might pass out, so I sat down in the shower for the last little bit. I sat there, avoiding looking at my penis, until I felt like I might not pass out. Then I inspected it and gave it a good cleaning.

I was really happy to find that my urologist was very conservative. He gave me what looks like a fairly low and loose circumcision with the frenulum intact. I’m especially happy about that last part–I did not want to part with my frenulum as I’ve found it to be quite sensitive for me and I did not want to get rid of that sensitivity. Also–and this may just be due to the swelling–it looks like my urologist corrected some of the curvature of my penis by leaving more foreskin on one side. Obviously I won’t be able to confirm this until I can get full erections again.

Pictures are below the cut!

Top view of my circumcised penis with bandages off. You can see the circumcision line and swelling of the remaining inner foreskin. The glans is still stained with iodine in parts.

Side view of my circumcised penis with bandages off. This is the left side which looks a lot worse than the right. The inner foreskin is quite swollen and it looks like one suture blew out. More foreskin was retained on this side.

Bottom view of my circumcised penis with bandages off. The frenulum remains intact and is quite swollen, as is the remaining inner foreskin.

You can see how the urologist left more inner foreskin on the left side. This side is also more swollen and, judging by the fresh blood on my bandages, had a suture blow-out during one of my night time erections (five incidents again last night). My penis is all glossy because the urologist instructed me to put polysporin on it daily after the bandages came off.

Overall I’m very happy with the result so far and now that I’m stationary, the pain is minimal. Hopefully my recovery continues at this nice pace!




  1. TheDude said:

    I had a circumicision, also for phimosis, a few days ago. On day 2 (counting the surgery day as day zero) – so far going okay. Doesn’t look too bad, apart from still swollen a little, stitches, and some scabs. Taking off the bandage yesterday was a bit of a shock though.

    Mostly just scared of sleeping due to nocturnal erections.. seems one blew a suture on the first night, last night was okay though – I kept waking up but it wasn’t too painful and very minimal bleeding.

    Also nervous to get to a point where I can believe it’s going to heal with no chance of infection – had a veeeery bad case of infection with another op 5 years ago that left me in agony for three months, so I’m suitable concerned 😐

    So far though pain wise it’s waaaaay below what I was fearing. To be honest it’s mostly just psychological, having your bits messed with does a number on your mind!

    • As far as I know, the chance of infection with adult circumcision is very low. If your urologist told you to put antibacterial cream on the sutures, as mine did, make sure you follow their instructions! Also, general cleanliness is important. It might hurt, but you’ve got to wash your wound very thoroughly and carefully as you recover.

      As for the pain–I agree! I thought it was going to be way worse, but the only really painful part after Day 3 was uncontrollable erections. Psychologically, it’s a very challenging surgery, though. I think that aspect often gets overlooked by urologists. Of course, it’s hard to understand the psychological aspect when you haven’t had the surgery yourself. Trust me–it’ll be worth it in the end 🙂

      • TheDude said:

        Cheers for the reply 🙂 No, I’ve not been told to use antibacterial products, but I will keep it clean. I think I’ll feel a lot more comfortable with things when I make it to the one week mark and everything starts to look a little better.

        It is very challenging indeed… glad you say it’ll be worth it – looking forward to the end of this! Another night of restless sleep in a few hours…

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