Day 3: Erection

I just had a nap, since I’ve gained a lot of sleep debt since Monday, and when I woke up I had a (painful) erection. My first thought? Um ow. My second thought? Gotta get pictures for the blog! 

And I did:

My erect penis following circumcision.

Bottom view of my erect penis following circumcision.

The erection left some yellowish fluid on my sheets, probably from the stitches being stretched. It seems as though the shape of my erect penis has changed slightly, since the largest part is just below the glans now. However, I can’t be sure that this will be permanent. As I suspected, the downward curvature seems to have been lessened as well, because my erection lied flat on my stomach whereas before the curvature prevented this.

If this boner is an indication of what things will look like permanently then I’m happy!



1 comment
  1. Thoughts, feelings&observations said:

    You have no idea how happy I am for you. It seems to be healing good=) I remember that feeling of relief when you know the problem has been fixed.

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