Day 3: Swelling

Last night was much better than the one before. It seems as though the pain associated with erections has died down slightly to a point where I don’t need to get up and walk around until the erection is gone. Also, no new suture blow-outs occurred, so I don’t  think I need to be concerned with night time erections anymore. This is a good thing.

Yesterday it seemed like everything was bigger; my flaccid penis was quite a bit larger in length and girth than it normally is. Today, the swelling has increased slightly and now everything seems a bit smaller, like my penis is trying to escape the pain by retracting into my body. I guess I’m just going to have to wait until I’m all healed before I’ll know what it’s going to look like.

On top of the increased swelling, there’s been some bruising and some scabbiness going on around the stitches. I’m pretty sure these things are parts of the normal healing process and my pain has decreased since yesterday, so I’m not too worried. However, my glans is kind of crusty, like someone put craft glue on it and now it’s dried out. There’s also some iodine near the tip that I can’t seem to wash off, no matter how much I scrub it. I’m really hoping that these things are just temporary effects of my glans being permanently exposed for the first time. I figure the crustiness is due to it drying out and that’s not helping with the iodine removal. We’ll see.

Pictures are below:

Day 3 following circumcision. Swelling has increased in the inner foreskin and overall size has decreased.

Day 3 following circumcision, bottom view. The most swollen part is the frenulum, which makes sense since this is the most vascular region of the penis. Note the iodine on the glans.

Day 3 following circumcision, side view. I chose the worse-looking side and my phone decided to use flash for some reason. Note the bruising at the base of my glans and iodine on the tip of the glans.

Things definitely look worse than yesterday, but they certainly feel better. I have to call my urologist today to schedule my follow-up, so I’m going to ask if the swelling should have increased today. I left the house yesterday and I think that maybe all the walking I did irritated things. However, it could be normal for things to continue to swell for a bit.

More tomorrow!




  1. DT said:

    im so glad i came across you blog! im on day 3 myself and although i decided to get it done for a few reasons i didnt look up to much before hand as i know it would have put me off getting it. Little suprised at the swelling but after reading you consistent diary i feel pretty confident with the result. Im quite lucky i did it when i did, putting it off any longer would have made healing a big imposistion on my future plans. This is really helpful!

    • I’m really glad you found my blog and that it has been helpful to you! I hope your healing process continues to go well :).

  2. cutcanadian said:

    Hey I have another question. I’m gonna double check with my urologist but what should I be doing in terms of a speedy recovery? Should I be taking baths and stuff while the stitches are still in? Also they didnt tell me anything about infections. Should I be using ointments?

    • Always check with your uro to be sure! Based on my research, it seems like warm baths (especially with epsom salts) are good for healing. In terms of reducing infection risk, my uro suggested that I use antibacterial cream for the first week. After that, the risk is very low and precautions need not be taken after that time.


  3. marko2609 said:

    Hi there! I had a circumcision 3 days ago because of phimosis … I have no pain. neither hurts while I have erection … but my penis is swollen than the other days, and glans is very sensitive to any touch, it hurts like hell, because he was protected by foreskin last 28 years of my life … I’m asking you: was your glans so sensitive as well? … until when? And how did you cleaned him?
    I do not know how you were in your case, but I’m terrified in my! hehe Thanks for the blog and your reply! 🙂


    • Hi Marko!

      I’m glad you found my blog. I, too, had an incredibly sensitive head immediately following my circumcision. It was awful! It took about three weeks for the sensitivity to decrease to a “normal” level, but it got better each day. I would suggest wearing a jock strap or some tight, compressive underwear to prevent rubbing and irritation of the sensitive area. In terms of cleaning, mild soap and hot water should suffice! If you want to take the extra time, you can do an epsom salt soak. That was always very soothing for me.

      Happy healing!


  4. DT said:

    Do u have any advice on scaring? I think my stitches were in to long coz now I have the indents. Do u think the skin either side will ever flatten to that of the slight stitch marks inbwteen? I don’t think I’m that pleased asthetically now 3months have passed

    • Hi!

      I didn’t try anything to reduce scarring myself, but I bet that a similar approach to scar reduction on normal skin would work. Use a pure Vitamin E cream regularly and maybe the scars will fade away. However, you should be prepared for the possibility that they won’t fade at all. I have suture scars myself and nobody who has seen my penis since my circumcision has noticed them; you are more likely to be aware of these tiny scars than any of your partners. I really don’t think it’s worthwhile to worry yourself too much about them in light of that fact.


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