Day 4

Last night I ran out of food, so I had to venture outside to get groceries. I’d been out a couple of times before, but getting groceries last night was my biggest adventure. It was pretty rough; I had to walk really slowly and I was in pain the whole time. By the time I got back home, I just wanted to take my T3s and sleep. When I tried to, though, I kept getting erections as I was falling asleep. The pain made it impossible to sleep well. On top of that, my stitches started to dissolve and that process is incredibly itchy. Between these two irritations, I think I only managed about four hours last night. Not good.

This morning things look pretty much the same as they did yesterday, with a couple of exceptions. First, the stitches have a bit of yellow crustiness around them–part of the dissolution process–and second, the skin on my glans is starting to peel off. I think the latter is happening because of the rubbing that occurred when I was out and about last night. I’m kind of glad it’s peeling, because right now my glans looks really weird–like someone stretched Saran wrap over it–and I don’t like it. Today I will be going out again, so hopefully that facilitates the peeling process.

Pictures are below:

Top view of my circumcised penis. Swelling has decreased slightly from yesterday.

Side view of my circumcised penis. Note the “wet scab” looking gunk around the stitches and the iodine stain near the tip.

Bottom view of my circumcised penis. The frenulum is still the most swollen and most sensitive part, but swelling has reduced slightly from yesterday.

You can see that the skin on my glans is quite dry and the iodine stain is still there. I’m hoping that it will go away when the skin peels off. Since I took these pictures, the swelling has done down slightly.




  1. Nathan said:

    Hi, I’m finding this blog rather useful. I was circumcised a week ago and my healing process is more or less the same as yours, however, my frenum looks a lot drier than yours, so does my glans. I’ve used antiseptic twice a day for the past week and I think that might be a problem. Should I be worried by that?

    • Hi Nathan

      I’m glad you’ve found my blog useful! I was advised not to use antiseptic after the first week for that very reason. I stopped using it after just one day post-bandages. If it is irritating you, you should probably stop. Just make sure you clean your wound well daily with a gentle soap and water and soak it in a salt bath if you can. This will help prevent infections.

      You should also note that your head will probably get dry and flaky repeatedly in the first little bit. That’s just the skin becoming keratinized and is completely normal. It stops happening after a little while.

      Happy healing!


      • Nathan said:

        Hi again,
        Regarding the hardness of that rolled and stiched area, is there no ointment or cream I can use to soften it up or should I wait till the stitches are out so that I can use the Vitamin E oil?

        Thanks in Advance!

      • Well it’s best to ask your uro or doctor, but my instinct would be to avoid putting anything on the area until the stitches are out. The skin in the area is very sensitive and you’ve got open wounds right now. Creams or ointments will probably either irritate your skin, or allow bacteria to get into your stitches.

        I think that pure vitamin E oil might be alright (avoid parabens, though), but I’m not sure if it’s worth the risk! I healed up fine without any help and most of the stories I read online were of similar experiences. I know it probably looks pretty gnarly right now, but just wait–you will be pleased with the long-term outcome, I promise.


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