Day 5: Pain

Last night was by far the worst night since I was circumcised. The erections just did not stop–it was like my body was just going to have a permanent erection all night. I didn’t sleep much and now I’m very grumpy.

Before I went to bed last night, though, the crusty layer on my glans peeled off (I may have helped it out). As I predicted, the iodine stain came off with the dried out skin. However, it seems as though that skin was protecting my already-sensitive head. Since I removed the skin, I’ve been dying from the sensitivity. Every time my penis bumps against anything the feeling is overwhelming.

On top of that, the stitches started to hurt a bit more last night, too. They’re all itchy and sometimes they pulse with my heartbeat. I’m pretty sure that this is part of the dissolution process, because this morning a few of the stitches fell out in the shower. I didn’t think I’d be able to feel the stitches as much as I do. I guess it’s good that they’re falling out; maybe erections will be less painful once they’re gone. However, they’re really irritating.

Today’s pictures are below:

Top view of my circumcised penis. Swelling has decreased overall, but the right side is still more swollen than the left. Colouration appears to have returned to the glans.

Side view of my circumcised penis. Bruising has increased slightly and stitches are more visible now that they are deteriorating.

Bottom view of my circumcised penis. The frenulum remains the most swollen part and stitches seems to be dissolving faster here.

I hope that the increased pain doesn’t mean that I have an infection. I’ve been good with the antibacterial cream and I have no other signs of infection, so hopefully I’m all good. I’ll keep a close eye, though.




  1. jay said:

    Hey there,
    its good to hear you took the time to share your experience with people.
    I’ve recently had a adult circumcision, 22 days ago to be exact. I’ve got a swollen hard red ring just below the glans. I’m hoping this will go down soon. If you have any more info I’d be very grateful. Thanks

    • I hope your surgery went well and I’m glad you’ve found my blog! I hope you find it useful. I’m not sure if you’ve continued reading past this post, but there’s lots more information in further posts.

      My inner foreskin was also swollen for a long time, but it has since decreased in size. It’s still a bit bigger when I’m soft, and flattens out at bit when I’m hard. Remember that the healing process takes a long time! The colouration will probably take about a year to stabilize.

      • jay said:

        Hey, thanks for the reply, yes I did read all of your blog. It was good of you to do one. I’ve hardly got any inner foreskin left! My skin Is very tight with like a hard red band around the shaft, just below my glans. I’m worried that it might not decrease. My band is not as thick as your one, so I’m thinking mine is botched lol. Anyway I hope yours is all going well 🙂

  2. Daniel said:

    I want to thank you for posting this. I had mine done on April 18 2013 and I am on day 5. Mild pain in the morning when I wake up that starts to ease as the day goes on. Still mild swelling as I expect it to stay that way throughout the healing process.
    Daniel, Calvert county , Maryland.

  3. pala said:

    im on day 5. done it on 13/5/13.
    swelling of the ring is still very prominent. stiches start aching like hell last night. and the midnight erections didnt help it at all.
    hope will have a smooth day today. went to see doc yesterday, since there was a fluid leaking through the stiches. he confirmed that it was a cell fluid and was not due to infection.

    thanks for the blog bro, been very helpful when facing the unknown. hope you are doing great.

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