Day 8: Restlessness

The stitches started to itch like crazy right before I went to bed last night. This is a good sign, since it means they’re dissolving, but it’s quite irritating since they are very, very sensitive. So now I’m ridiculously horny AND my crotch is itchy. Being in public is a bit awkward right now, needless to say.

Swelling and redness have decreased since yesterday, stitches are more visible, and some of the crustiness around the stitches has also fallen off. Erections are less painful to a point. However, full erections are still very painful, because they cause pulling on the stitches. Progress is happening!

See for yourself:

Top view of my circumcised penis. Redness has decrease from yesterday and stitches are very visible.

Side view of my circumcised penis. Bruising on this side is virtually gone and some of the crustiness has fallen off.

Bottom view of my circumcised penis. Swelling has reduced, but the frenulum remains very swollen. Scabbing here is slightly painful to the touch.

Now I’m just waiting for those stitches to fall out!




  1. Downunder said:

    I would try and soak the stitches out in a bath or long shower. Once they started coming out, for me erections were a LOT less painful. When you get your first night of sleep without being woken up by an erection you’re going to think it’s the greatest luxury. Although I found once the swelling was mainly down (about 12-14 days in) the slightest touch gave me a hard on, I think it was a mixture of not being able to get-off along with the ‘head’ now exposed, being super sensitive. Even feeling the water in the shower made me hard.

    • Thanks for the advice! I’ll try it out.

      I’m actually at the stage right now where light touches on my head get me hard. It is so sensitive! Wearing the jock strap helps, but by no means does it prevent it from happening.

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