Day 12

I didn’t post yesterday, because there wasn’t anything to report. Things have pretty much stabilised and are going really well. I’m not experiencing any excessive sensitivity and I’ve pretty much returned to regular life. I even had normal morning wood this morning and everything is looking great. However, peeing in public is still a bit awkward, because it is difficult to maneuver my penis out of my pants without causing pain. Also, my frenulum is still quite large and bumpy, but it has decreased in size slightly.

I’m a bit concerned about the stitches, since they still haven’t fallen out. If they are still there on Monday, I am going to call my urologist to see if I should cut them out. My main concern is with the permanent pinholes that can occur when dissolving stitches are left in too long. They also cause pain when they catch on things and that is (obviously) unpleasant.

Since things have slowed down a bit, I will be posting here weekly or when I reach important recovery milestones. For men considering getting cut, know that it takes about two weeks to feel normal again. As for masturbation, well hopefully I’ll be able to get back into that in a week.


  1. daivd said:

    I was circumcised on August 3rd 2012, my cock didn’t look any where near as swolen as yours did right after. I’ve still got some swelling on one side, very minor, but it feels a little tender to touch still. One side healed alot better than the other. There’s little dots where the stitches were. I pulled mine out after a few weeks with tweezers.

  2. imichael1989 said:

    Hey there, I just wanted to post on here to let you know, I got cut a week and a half ago and I wish I had found this blog sooner! It appears that we went through almost exactly the same stuff from pre cut research to swelling after! Although my concern at the moment is the swelling between the head and the shaft, does this go away? You haven’t posted anything since so I’m not sure if your most recent pictures is the finished article? Thanks very much for this blog! And I strongly advise anyone who is worried about getting cut but needs to- just do it! I wasted many years worrying about this and now that it’s done, the weight off my shoulders if magnificent!

    • Hi!

      I’m glad you found my blog and have found it useful! It’s not done yet-it’s just that things have slowed down so there’s not enough to report daily anymore. I will be updating weekly, or as important things happen.

      In terms of the inner foreskin swelling, it will continue to go down. I’m at three weeks now and my inner foreskin looks like a guy’s who was cut at birth in terms of size. My frenulum is still quite large, because there is at least one internal suture there.

      I hope your healing goes well!

      • imichael1989 said:

        Hey! Thanks for the reply! I only noticed the date after I had posted! Good to know about the swelling! I’ll keep an eye on the blog! Thanks again!

  3. TheDude said:

    So, day 18 now right? Hope it’s all going well.

    Got circumcised myself for phimosis 2 days ago so this blog is an interesting read! Hoping my recovery goes as well as yours has.

  4. TheDude said:

    Also, just wondering – did you get any bleeding after the 2nd/3rd day?

    • I didn’t get any bleeding at all, really. Some scabbing, but that’s it. I’ve read other guys’ experiences where they have had spotting and/or full-on bleeding in the first week.

  5. liam89 said:

    I’m up to day 12 now, have to say this blog has been very helpful so thank you!

    I do have a query though, I have quite a lot of scabbing around my stitches, I’ve been bathing it in salt water for 10 to 20 mins a day as well as showering and the scabbing softens and often comes off… Did you experience anything like this? I’m worried it may be slowing my rate of recovery!

    Also did you continue to bandage it up after you removed the original dressing? I have been, as it reduces the pain from walking around as the stitches don’t catch or anything, but the scabs sometimes come off when i remove the bandages to bath it… I’ve managed today without any dressing on it though, seems to be getting there!

    • Hey!

      I’m glad this has been useful for you :).

      I did have some scabbing in the first week, but it was pretty much gone by day 10. Everyone is different; if the problem persists, you should probably call your urologist.

      My uro specifically instructed me not to bandage it once the bandages he provided had come off, specifically because bandages can cause the issues you’ve noticed once the surgery bandages have naturally come off. I’m no doctor, though, and you should probably ask your urologist about it. In terms of salt baths, I think they are good in general. They certainly made my stitches feel better.

      Happy healing!


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