Day 22: A Sense of Normal

I know I had promised pictures on Sunday, but my days got away from me a bit. Sorry!

It’s been three weeks since I was circumcised and I have to say that I’m starting to really feel normal. My glans is still a little hypersensitive, but it’s hardly noticeable unless I’m at the gym. I still wear my jock strap for the gym, because all of the movement can cause irritation and the jock keeps my junk in one place. Things are still obviously healing and will continue to do so for a while, but they look good. I’m going to try emu oil to help promote healing and scar reduction. I also still have at least one internal suture that’s poking out in my frenulum. I don’t want to touch it, because I know that the internal ones are supposed to take longer to heal. It doesn’t hurt at all.

Above all, I’m very, very, very happy with the results. As silly as it sounds, I feel comfortable peeing at public urinals now and I would be comfortable going into a public shower, for example. It’s nice to be proud of your genitalia, rather than ashamed of it! Of course, that’s not to say that foreskin is something of which to be ashamed. I like foreskin and I think it should be kept whenever possible. However, my foreskin carried with it a lot of personal shame, because it was defective and unsightly.

Masturbation has so far been excellent. A couple of the tougher stitches left behind some tightness that causes a bit of pain, but that only seems to happen when erections start. It’s minor and goes away quickly as I reach full erection. I’m sure as things heal it will go away completely. My erections are fuller, stronger, and more sustainable than when I had a tight foreskin pushing blood out of my glans. Also, I seem to have grown by about a half an inch at full erection. This supports my hypothesis that my foreskin was “holding back” my penis. Curvature is still there, but now at least I can reach my full potential!

Orgasms are also much more intense now that I can stimulate my glans directly. I can’t wait to try sex! Too bad I have to wait another three weeks before that can happen. Sigh.

Pictures are below:

Top view of my circumcised penis. The inner foreskin is still very pink and is quite loose. Note the pinholes from sutures.

Side view of my circumcised penis. This is the worse-looking side. The frenulum is still quite knobby and I can feel the internal suture in it when I touch it.

Bottom view of my circumcised penis. My frenulum is a bit unsightly right now, but I expect that to change as healing progresses.

My erect, circumcised penis. Note the curvature to the left at the tip. Also note the bump on the left side just below the inner foreskin. I think this is thrombosis from the surgery, but I will ask my urologist when I see him this week.

Side view of my erect, circumcised penis. The curvature is more noticeable from this side.

Bottom view of my erect, circumcised penis. Pictures are hard to get at this angle.

You can see in the first two erect pictures that I’ve got a bump on the left side of my penis, just below the inner foreskin and under the skin. I just noticed this bump on the weekend. I think it is thrombosis, either due to the surgery, or because I whacked my penis when I was doing snatches at the gym by accident. I’m going to ask my urologist if I should be concerned, but I expect him to tell me that it will go away in a few weeks.







  1. goseethesphinx said:

    Hi there,

    thanks so much for posting this blog. I’m going for a circ on dec. 10, and its really helpful to see what i can expect. I was wondering something… I see your penis is somewhat brown in color, and it does not match the color of your hands or legs in the photos. Did you notice a chance in the color of your penis as a result of the circumcision?


    • Hi!

      I’m glad you found my blog useful! Hopefully it can help you with some of your expectations. Good luck with the surgery!

      I did not find that my penis changed colour after the circumcision. It has always been darker-toned than the rest of my body, which is a fairly normal thing. I expect the inner foreskin to fade from being so pink now to something closer to the tone of the skin on my shaft as time progresses.

  2. goseethesphinx said:

    hi there! I have a question… i notice the skin is puffy around the area where the actual cut occurred. in other words, there is the glans which is a natural ridge, then there is a second ridge caused by the cut. is that supposed to go away?
    thanks! Getting done myself on dec. 10!

    • Everything I’ve read has said that it’ll go away. My urologist confirmed that. However, it could take a long time-six months or more. It’s still raised and bumpy right now. Hopefully it’ll go away sooner rather than later!

      Good luck with your surgery! I hope it goes as well as mine did.

  3. firman said:

    wow,this so usefull,i just 19 days ago,get circumcised and my frenulum not cut as you,but when erect it was normal,if i get litlle bit feel a pain,thanks

  4. Amy said:

    Can I ask what you tried before getting circumcised? I read that you had phimosis but did you try anything before resorting to such drastic cosmetic surgery?

    • If you go far back enough on this blog, you’ll find that I tried a topical steroid cream along with retraction and stretching exercises for about six weeks. After that, I tried a device called Phimocure. While they helped me to get my foreskin to a point where it could be comfortably retracted, neither technique fully addressed my issue.

      I think it’s important to stress, as I have many times here, that my surgery was not cosmetic by any means. When you label it as such, you lessen the very real struggle that I had with my foreskin. I don’t think you understand the fact that I literally could not have enjoyable penetrative sex with my foreskin the way it was. My circumcision was deemed medically necessary by two different urologists when stretching techniques failed.

      Besides, even if this procedure were cosmetic, it could hardly be considered “radical” relative to other cosmetic procedures that people regularly get. I was out of commission for less than a week and was back to regular physical activity within two. I can guarantee that other plastic surgeries require a lot more down time and healing. If you think it’s “radical” because my genitalia were involved, then you are denying me my agency over my body by shaming my actions related to it through your word choices and the opinions they represent. My penis is mine and I get to decide what’s right (and therefore what’s radical) for it. You don’t.

      My circumcision was not “radical”-it was an overwhelmingly positive experience that greatly improved my standard of living. I’m sorry if that fact doesn’t fit within your biased intactivist views, but it is true. Your lot needs to realize that you can’t paint such complex issues with broad strokes as you are apt to do. I think my case demonstrates the fact that circumcision isn’t always a bad thing and that intactivism fails to address issues of bodily agency inherent in its anti-circumcision crusade.

      You still haven’t answered my questions to your previous comment. As I am addressing your questions openly, I’d like a response from you.

      • Amy said:

        I am sorry that I offended you, it was not my intention and there is no need to be so defensive in your replies. It was very late at night and looking through your pictures. A red, swollen, painful looking glans is a very drastic sight to see as an emotional pregnant mother of a boy that will remain intact along side his brother that has his whole body as well. Swollen, red and uncovered glans is the very definition of radical as it affects the fundamental nature of the penis. Yours was obviously not functioning properly and needed adjustment. I have American male friends that were lied to and told they needed to be circumcised but never tried any of the alternatives before signing the consent form because they didn’t know they had options and now they are not happy with the results.

        I am sorry that you have obviously been attacked for your decision by others in the past but I have no issue with circumcision when the adult male is the one making the decision. It’s your body and your choice and I am glad that it has helped improve your life. I am sorry that you were obviously one of the few adult males that actually need surgery on that precious organ. I honestly didn’t think that my question was proposed in a way that would offend you, again it was late. I was genuinely curious because I have intact sons.

        I don’t know what previous comment you are talking about or questions you have asked… This is the first time I have seen your blog.

      • Ah! I am very sorry; another commenter by the name of Amy who self-identified as an intactivist previously attacked my choices here. I thought she was continuing with her comments and that’s why I responded so harshly. I didn’t realize that you are a different reader. My sincerest apologies!

        Thank you for your empathy. I truly hope that your boys have no issues with their foreskins. I think it is incredibly important to avoid circumcision at all costs, which is why I tried all of the alternatives available to me before consenting to the procedure.

        In terms of forcible retraction, everything I’ve read has said that it’s not the greatest idea for young boys, as it can disrupt the normal process of the foreskin separating from the glans. However, if the foreskin isn’t retracting by about age 12, then it should be considered. Obviously I’m no professional, though, and you already have a son, so I’m sure you know a bit more about this than I do.


  5. Amy said:

    Also…. are you aware if your parents or any medical professionals forcibly retracted you as an infant or toddler?

    • I have no idea. It’s not exactly a topic of discussion at my house. However, I do know that both my cousin and my uncle had/have the same problem that I did. My cousin was circumcised, but my uncle has never been able to enjoy sex because of his phimosis. That fact was part of my mother’s motivation to encourage me to have the surgery.

  6. Mike said:

    Thanks this wonderful description. I had it done a week ago and was a little (a lot) perplexed as to the lack of sutures that hold well all the way around. When you said that there were inner sutures I was comforted. I still have a little bleeding coming from the outer suture holes. Did you have a similar experience? Thanks again for the details.

    • Hi Mike

      Thanks for stopping by! I didn’t have any spotting, but I hear it’s normal. If it continues, make sure you check in with your doctor or urologist.


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