Day 24: Post-Op Check-Up

I visited the urologist today for my post-op. The appointment was brief and consisted of a few questions and a quick physical examination.

He asked me about how everything went when I returned home from surgery and if there was any bleeding or excess swelling. He wanted to know how long it took for me to be able to get back to normal life as well. Then he asked me about the stitches and I told him that I had removed them. This surprised him, but he concluded that I must be healing quickly if I was able to remove the stitches early without any problems. I thought this was strange because he told me that they should dissolve within 10 days, so I thought I had actually waited a long time to remove them.

Then he did a physical examination. He said everything looked really great and that I’m healing very quickly. He seemed almost surprised at how quickly the process has been. That’s a good sign! He also explained that the bump I noticed is just a tied-off vein. So, it’s sort of like thrombosis and I can expect it to go away over time. It’s obviously hard to predict how long that will take, but it’s not unsightly or anything, so I’m alright with it for now.

After about ten minutes, he told me that everything is well and there would be no need to see him again unless I ran into a problem. Even though the urologist simply confirmed most of what I already knew, it was reassuring to hear it from a professional. I’m officially completely in the clear! Woohoo!


  1. Chase Collins said:

    Congratulations man!

  2. TheDude said:

    Grats 🙂

  3. TheDude said:

    I myself am on day 11 at the moment – still waking up every other hour, which is starting to get to me. Hoping it’ll stop soon though!

    • Oh no! That’s awful. When did your urologist say the stitches could come out? I hope that things improve for you soon!

      • TheDude said:

        Thanks. 2-4 weeks… now on day 18 though and there are only 4 stitches remaining 🙂 There’s a couple of spots that haven’t quite healed (I think where the stitches got pulled early) but it’s pretty much getting there, I’d say it’ll be all good in less than a week.

        So yeah, bit slower than you but starting to look pretty good.

  4. Danny said:

    Hi . great blog . I am 25 days post circ! I noticed a small fairly hard lump about the size of a tic tac last weekend. Was this similar to what you had?. Your doctor said its will go , right?.

    • I experienced the exact same thing. In my case, it’s a tied-off blood vessel. Ask your urologist about it when you see them, but it’s likely the same thing for you. Mine has already decreased in size and hardness and my uro told me it will continue to do so.

      • Danny said:

        thanks man, really. Im seeing Uro on 17th Dec so hoping things have settled. Where you cut low, seems to be a very British approach with urologists here to cut low. I like it as you can hardly see the cut until you pull foreskin back. Did you keep your Frenulum then? how did they stitch your foreskin back up to your frenulum area. That area for me feels very sore still and hard, has improved but still swollen and hyper sensitive.

      • I think I was cut low. It looks low when I’m soft, but I’m a grower, so it pulls back quite a bit when I’m hard and looks about mid-level. I like the low cut look, too! It’s nice and conservative. I was lucky in that my uro managed to spare my frenulum. The external sutures there were pretty much the same as they were elsewhere, but I have a big lumpy internal suture that’s tying off a blood vessel there. It’s a bit unsightly, to be honest. My frenulum wasn’t super sensitive right after the cut. In fact, it was probably the least bad area in terms of pain and irritation. Everyone’s different, though! Now, my frenulum is wicked sensitive and it is awesome. I’m really happy that the uro kept it, even if it looks a bit weird right now.

  5. Danny said:

    also, I m currently really worried about some parts sort of swollen puffing around the cut line! this normal? Not seeing my urologist for another week and concerned im hoping its just swelling and not permanent skin

    • I am over a month out and it is still a bit puffy. This is normal! You can’t take the appearance of your penis now as an accurate guess of what it will look like. I understand that that’s a bit stressful, but just remember that in a few months everything will be normal again :).

      If you’re ever concerned about a persistent problem, make sure that you consult a doctor about it!

  6. Danny said:

    phew, you put my mind at rest, thanks. I had this panic last week that it was a messey cut and all sorts of f**cked! but noticed that if I pull is goes down, so assuming and hoping its like you said and just puffing around the cut.

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