Week 7

This post is coming to you about a week late! Sorry! I had planned on posting at the 6 week point, as the urologist told me that I should be healed enough to have sex at that point. However, I was just coming into one of the worst weeks of my semester then, so I didn’t have the time to post.

Changes have been so gradual since my last update that I hardly notice them. However, when I visually compare my pictures from then and now, the differences are obvious. Things other than the appearance have changed as well.

Erections are now 100% pain-free and thoroughly enjoyable.The sensitivity in my glans has decreased significantly. I’m still experiencing mild hypersensitivity, but it’s nothing too bad and it doesn’t affect my day-to-day comfort. In fact, I hope my frenulum remains as sensitive as it is now, because it gives me amazing orgasms–waaaay better than when I had my foreskin. The scar is still quite rigid and bumpy, but it has gotten softer for sure. I decided to forego the emu oil after I did some research. I didn’t want to be putting anything on my genitals that might cause problems (now or later). It turns out that lots of rubbing helps with scarring too, and I think I’ve got that covered!

The lumpiness associated with internal sutures has decreased both on my shaft and on my frenulum. I’m not sure if the sutures are still in me or not, but the urologist said not to worry about them at all, so I’m not. My glans seems to have increased in size when I’m erect and has what I think is more of a “normal” colouration than it did right after the surgery (note: penis colouration is highly variable! Yours might be coloured differently than mine!)

There have been some setbacks since my last check-in, though. About a week ago, I was peeing and I noticed a white bump near one of the suture holes. I didn’t think anything of it and left it. It started to hurt a bit and was kind of itchy throughout the day, though, so I examined it later. The bump was filled with a white, odourless fluid. I squeezed it and quite a bit of fluid came out, along with some blood. That was pretty terrifying. However, since the fluid was white and odourless (as opposed to yellow/green and stinky), I reasoned that the bump was just an immune response to internal sutures. The same thing happened when I first had my nipples pierced and I was told it was completely normal when a foreign body is in your own. So I applied some antibacterial cream and left it alone. It cleared up within a day.

On top of that, when I went to masturbate a few days ago, I noticed that the scar line wasn’t moving along my shaft as I got hard like it normally does as my penis grows and the skin is pulled back. I gently tried tugging it down and experienced some pain and discomfort. A quick google search told me that my scar line was adhering to my shaft. Apparently that’s pretty normal, but can be avoided with regular retraction and masturbation. So I continued jerking off. It hurt at first as I pulled the scar away, but then it was normal again. It hasn’t happened again since. I’m pretty sure that my one-a-day habit will prevent this in the future. Here’s hoping!


All in all, recovery is coming along very quickly and I’m very happy with that. I love my penis now! It sounds so strange, but I finally understand why some guys take such pride in their penises. It’s a good feeling. Take a look at some pictures and see why:

My soft penis 7 weeks following circumcision. The inner foreskin bunches up quite a bit near the glans still.

My soft penis 7 weeks following circumcision. The inner foreskin bunches up quite a bit near the glans still.

Side view of my soft penis 7 wees following circumcision.

Side view of my soft penis 7 wees following circumcision.


Bottom view of my soft penis 7 weeks following circumcision. The left side of the frenulum is still lumpy, but less so than before.

Bottom view of my soft penis 7 weeks following circumcision. The left side of the frenulum is still lumpy, but less so than before.


Top view of my erect penis 7 weeks following circumcision.

Top view of my erect penis 7 weeks following circumcision.

Side view of my erect penis 7 weeks following circumcision.

Side view of my erect penis 7 weeks following circumcision.

Bottom view of my erect penis 7 weeks following circumcision.

Bottom view of my erect penis 7 weeks following circumcision.




  1. Drew said:

    Looks great! This blog is very helpful; wish there was something like this 20 years ago when I got circumcised. Seriously, it will take about a year for all the internal tissue to heal, the skin tone to even out and the suture marks to disappear. Nobody will be able to tell you weren’t circumcised as an infant. (I had a UTI about 3-4 years after I was cut, and the urologist who examined me said ” you were circumised as a baby but it isn’t uncommon to get a UTI anyway.” Even a urologist couldn’t determine I had an adult circumcision!) Sex is better and self-image is improved.

    Congrats on getting circumcised! It will look better and more “natural” as time goes on.

  2. Andrew M said:

    Thanks for this blog! I am in the same country, same predicament, same problem, never had the courage to bring it up to my doctor until a couple of months ago, saw a urologist yesterday got prescribed the steroid creams going to see if that does it if not than circumcision it is for me. thanks again for the details and pictures, really helpful

  3. Andrew M said:

    I’ll definitely give them a shot, thanks!

  4. JohnS said:

    Im really happy for you that you have had a good experience. I was also circumcised as an adult, also on Oct 19, but back in 1998 when I was 22. Although my results have been good, aesthetically, I completely made a mistake. Wish we could have traded, I’d love to have your foreskin. Good luck in the final parts of healing, it is still obvious where my scar is, but it has lightened up alot.

    • Frankly I’m not sure that you’d wish to have my foreskin. It prevented me from having penetrative sex without experiencing pain. While I may have a bit of a strange looking penis right now, the fact that it will actually be functional makes me very happy with it. I think foreskin looks better, too–I really do. However, mine didn’t function properly and prevented my happiness.

  5. Amanda DuBose said:

    I’m an Intactivist and ran across your blog. This is… enlightening. The pictures give me a great explanation of what I’ve never seen up close and personal here in America. Kudos to you for sharing! God bless

    • Hi Amanda! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I’m glad you found it enlightening.

      I’m curious, though: how could you, as an intactivist, not be informed about the procedure, effects, etc. of circumcision? I would have expected this sort of experience to be well-acknowledged by those in the intactivist crowd.

  6. Ethan said:

    So does the whole thing scar for good?

    • Yes, there will always be a scar following circumcision. Even men who had the surgery just after birth will have a scar for their entire lives. Of course, the scar softens and fades over time. Even now, my scar is much less bumpy and sensitive than just after I had the surgery.

  7. Thomas said:

    There’re only 2 days left until my surgery so I found your blog extremly useful! Thanks for the pictures and detailed posts! I had the same mysery with this partial circumsion stuff. I asked my doctor wether it will by a fully or partially circumsion and he said “there’s no such thing like partial or fully circumsion. What do you even consider fully or partially?” Well, I was a bit surprised to hear that. Despite all I made an appointment…I didnt have any other option…He also told me that my foreskin will (sometimes) partially cover my gland. I’d be the happiest man in the world if it come true but I’m a bit sceptical about it.. I do hope that everything will be fine and I’ll be able to enjoy penetrating sex finally…

    I’ll write you soon (right after the surgery)
    All the best!


    • Hi Thomas!

      I’m so glad you found my blog and have found it useful. It’s pretty crazy how similar our experiences have been; I hope that yours continues to be similar to mine, because I’ve had a great experience.

      I hope that your surgery goes as planned and that you’re satisfied with the appearance of the final product. I think it’s important not to have expectations regarding that, because who knows how it could end up? Even the surgeon can’t predict that and I’ve learned to love my new penis in a very short time period.

      Good luck, and let me know how it goes!


      • Thomas said:


        Just arrived from the doctor. Everything went fine, I’m truly satisfied with the result, although I haven’t seen it erected yet.
        Normally my foreskin covers around half of my gland, that’s exactly what I wanted! So I could even call it partial circumcision. You know, I heard some bad news about my doctor that he likes to remove more foreskin than would be required so this is why I’m very happy. Actually he is probably the best urologiest in the country.

        You mentioned that our situations are very similar. That’s true moreover I’m 22 and study computer engineering.

        I had been dealing with the idea of circumcision for 4 years. You know when I attended the secondary grammar school I didnt have any chance to do this thing because I didnt want (and also dont want) to tell this problem my parents or even best friends. (A lived far from the capital and it seemed impossible to keep in secret the entire thing) I thought when I start the university I can solve this problem. I took me a while to put aside enough money for the surgery. (It costed more then the minimal wage (1 month) in my country) The reason for this is that it couldn’t have been done in a hospital since that would have required “complete” anaesthetic and I didnt want anything like that. When I started the university my enthusiasm for the surgery decreased drastically. I moved away from home. New people, new city, new life..I just forgott about how serious this question is although I had a crush on a girl but I didnt think that I could ever date her, so I was confused about the sense of this surgery…
        After the 3thd semester the idea of circumcision came up again. When I finished with my most difficult final I made an appointment. It was really strange feeling. Finally a did something to solve my problem, I was really happy.
        And now after ths surgery…

        I guess that this day will be definitely momerable. It divides two completly different parts of my life. The life with no girls and sex..and the other one. 🙂
        It may sound really weird but it’s great feeling to know that finally I can have sex. It will definitely increase my self-confidence. I was a bit scared about how this surgery will affect my behavior. I expected to become shier since in my country only a few percent of men are circumcisied (as far is I know in Canada around 85% of men are circumcisied), so the girls don’t see penines like mine too often. But I don’t think at all that this scenario will become true.
        I’ll visit my doctor 2 weeks later. He gave me some intructions how to use the bandages and what I have to do if it’s bleeding. Fortunetly the timing of the surgery couldn’t have been better since the semester will begin next week and my flatmates will arrive only on sunday, so I can have some rest.
        So this is my story. Hope you enjoyed reading it. 🙂


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