3 Months

It’s been a while since I last posted! This is because the healing process has reached a point where I feel pretty normal and, while things are still healing, the rate has slowed down markedly. The scar has softened quite a bit, but is still noticeable. Sometimes it gets slightly irritated by rubbing, but I generally don’t have any problems with it. The bumpiness of the inner foreskin has decreased a lot, too. The underside is still a bit lumpy, but it is definitely softening up.

I unexpectedly noticed quite a size increase in my penis up to now as well. I knew that my foreskin was preventing me from reaching my full size at full erection, but I did not realise that I would gain almost a full inch in length in the months following the surgery. I noticed a slight increase in girth where my foreskin was tightest as well. I’m pretty sure that this is atypical and not something that should be expected from a circumcision; everything I read beforehand said that my penis size should not have been affected in any way. However, it’s been a welcome surprise.

Last night I had my first sexual encounter with a partner following my surgery. There was no penetration involved, but everything else went really well. My partner had nothing but praise for my penis and didn’t seem to notice (or care about) my bumpy circumcision scar. I have to admit that I was disappointed with my first ever real blowjob. It just didn’t do much for me. Maybe my partner lacked skill–I have no reference points, after all. Time to collect more data, I guess!

I am overwhelmingly satisfied with my decision and so happy that I finally worked up the courage to have the surgery done. It has been a great experience, overall, and totally worth the pain.

Check out some updated pictures:

My flaccid penis, 3 months following circumcision. The inner foreskin is loose and bunches up near the glans when I'm soft.

My flaccid penis, 3 months following circumcision. The inner foreskin is loose and bunches up near the glans when I’m soft.

Side view of my flaccid penis, 3 months following circumcision. I've fully retracted the inner foreskin here.

Side view of my flaccid penis, 3 months following circumcision. I’ve fully retracted the inner foreskin here.

Bottom view of my flaccid penis, 3 months following circicumcision. The frenulum is still somewhat lumpy, but it has softened.

Bottom view of my flaccid penis, 3 months following circicumcision. The frenulum is still somewhat lumpy, but it has softened.

Top view of my erect penis, 3 months following circumcision. The inner foreskin fully retracts when I'm hard. Glans size has markedly increased during erection.

Top view of my erect penis, 3 months following circumcision. The inner foreskin fully retracts when I’m hard. Glans size has markedly increased during erection.

Bottom view of my erect penis, 3 months following circumcision. The bottom part still looks a bit "messy", but the frenulum is very sensitive in a great way.

Bottom view of my erect penis, 3 months following circumcision. The bottom part still looks a bit “messy”, but the frenulum is very sensitive in a great way.

I will update again in a few months, but will continue to respond to comments as they come!


  1. Sam said:

    Damn, looks good! Im on the 11th day now, partial circ… I cant retract the skin I’ve left, but its quite swollen + I got the stitches left… Sounds this normal?

    • Hi Sam!

      Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you found my blog useful. Your situation sounds normal, but I’m no expert. If you’re ever concerned, make sure you ask your doctor/urologist.

      Good luck with recovery!


      • Sam said:

        Oh, thanks.. Do you remeber if the skin you have left (your cut was partial too, wasnt it) could be retracted on the first ten days or before the stitches were out?

      • Actually I had a full cut, so I can’t answer this question.

    • Thomas said:

      Hi Sam!
      My partial circ was 11 days ago and I cant retract the skin I’ve left. It’s also still swollen and I got all the stiches left. I guess it’s normal, but I’ll visit my doctor tomorrow.
      How do you feel now? Can you already retract the rest of your foreskin?

  2. deep th said:

    Hi bro!
    I have a few questions.I too got it done recently. 🙂
    when did you stop applying Iodine ointment? after how many days of surgery?
    have you got any bleeding so far?
    So, did you masturbate a bit earlier than what doctor told? was it painful?
    How was it like when you had sex for first time? any discomfort on the incision scar line?
    Did you have stitches on blood vessels internally, which have come out automatically and made that point a bit bloody ?

    • Hey!

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you’ve found my blog useful. I’ve got answers to your questions!

      My uro told me to apply antibiotic cream for the first week only. He told me that it can be very harsh on healing skin and so should only be used in the first little while when the risk of infection is higher. Most of my research suggested that after a week, the risk of infection drops considerably.
      I had very little bleeding even in the first week and none afterwards. I know that sometimes spotting can occur and I was expecting it, but I didn’t experience it. If there had been more than a bit of spotting, I probably would have called my uro.
      I masturbated early, yes. My uro told me to wait until the stitches had come out, but I couldn’t handle it any longer so I removed them myself. The first time was a bit painful around the scar at first, but that went away while I was masturbating.
      I haven’t yet had penetrative sex yet, but I experienced very little discomfort with other sexual activities. The discomfort I get around the scar usually comes from it catching on my underwear. Just be liberal with lubrication and you’ll be fine!
      I had two internal sutures. In my case, they were supposed to dissolve and be dealt with internally. I think they are gone now and I never experienced any external bleeding (or anything really) with them. Your situation might be different, though–as far as I understand, the suturing is the creative part with circumcisions and uros will do whatever they have to to make sure everything is held together.

      I’d like to stress that I’m not a professional and that if any of these things are very concerning for you, then you should talk to your doctor/urologist!


      • deep th said:

        Thank you so much for the reply. You’ve done a great job by posting pics and your personal experiences. I really like this attempt. Don’t you feel like kind of laughing when you think of those painful erections just a few days after the surgery and how you dealt with it? 🙂

        I guess you still have those little bumps(rise) across the periphery. when will it be gone fully?

        I hope you are 99% back to your life except for the sensation you get when the penis bumps against your underwear..Keep Posting when something new or different happens. We’d like to hear more from you..It’s kind of relief too.Especially after having done the real “war”, let’s know how you will have felt like.. Thanks for all you have done so far..

      • The painful erections are kind of funny in hindsight. Mostly because I tried all different crazy strategies to avoid them haha.

        My scar is still a bit raised when I’m soft, but it flattens out when I’m hard. My uro said this would take 6 months to 1 year to get to a permanent point. Some of the raised tissue may stay forever.

  3. Kieran said:

    thanks so much for this blog, i’ve been following your progress with mine and we tend to be on the same healing path. also, i may have missed it but what happened with your thrombosis? i have a pea sized lump on the shaft (which doesn’t seem to be connected to the remaining foreskin at all because it slides over it) which sounds similar to what you had.

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you’ve found this useful!

      My thrombosis is still there, but it has decreased in size and hardness by a lot already. Nobody else has even noticed it. I expect it to continue decrease and soften as time passes.

  4. Jason G said:

    I was reading your blog and your experience is definitely a good one–because I am having to get circumcised. Ugh!

    Do you need lube to masturbate now? I hear it’s really hard to masturbate when you do it without lube and wondered what your thoughts where in that part? I don’t use it now but I wonder if I will need to after I’m circumcised?

    • Hi Jason! Thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you’ve found this useful.

      I do use lube to masturbate now, but it’s more of a preference. For a while following surgery it was a necessity, but now it just feels better to use it and I can masturbate without it. I don’t really like the fact that I have to buy lube, but I’ve found that saliva is effective. Also, I had to learn how to use lube, which was unexpected! Overall, the lube bit is a minor part of the experience.


  5. Thomas said:

    Hi Jason!

    I had particle cut (the foreskin covers around 50-60% of my glans) 5 weeks ago and according to my experience it’s still possible to masturbate without any lube. So I guess you’d better to ask your uro to leave as much foreskin as possible.


  6. Beck said:

    Very helpful blog.
    How are things going now?
    I may have to get cut soon, been suffering with phimosis for years. Creams aren’t working and may have caused more damage.

    I am very scared of having this done. I keep holding myself back from following up with my urologist.
    Possible to get an update?

    • Hi Beck!

      I will write an update post in just a few minutes. For now, I’ll let you know that things are GREAT. I love my penis and I love that I can actually use it for its intended purpose without any discomfort now.

      My advice to you is to push yourself to initiate a conversation with your urologist. This is your health and it’s really important that you address any problems immediately. As you’ve seen, things could just get worse! Also you’re missing out on a healthy “normal” life. It is so worth it to work past any fear you might have to begin addressing the problem(s). All it takes is a quick call to your urologist’s office. What are you waiting for?

  7. Liam said:

    Hi I Have Just Recently Had Crcumsision i am 16 years old and it all seems to be going well but theres a little bit of sensetivity but i dont mind that but the main thing is where my pee hole is around the pee hole there is like a swelling a it looks like its got puss init but its clear and the hospital didnt say anything about it so i was just wodering if you knew anything about it.

    • Hey Liam!

      Thanks for stopping by. The area around the pee hole (which is your urethral opening, by the way) is called the “meatus”. Mine was quite swollen right after my circumcision, too and it looked really strange. Generally, if the fluid coming from a wound is white or clear and doesn’t smell, then it’s generally just the product of a regular immune response and nothing to worry about. In this case, it could also be seminal fluid leaking because of overstimulation of the glans. If it persists, turns green, or starts to smell, get to a doctor immediately. For now, it wouldn’t hurt to call your urologist just to be sure. It’s your penis, after all!

      Happy healing


  8. Alex said:

    This is one of the better pre OP descriptions and photos I’ve seen yet please follow in with an update as I’m curious to know if the swelling goes down where incision was made. I had to have a revision cause i wasn’t happy with tha first out come

  9. Will said:

    Hey I have a few questions I was wondering if you could answer. I have like 3 small scars from the sutures on my shaft skin and these scar marks are lower than my actually skin (little divots). It’s been about a month since my circ. do you recommend using cream? if so what kind and also will the scar raise so its not lower than the rest of my skin eventually? They are almost impossible to notice with erections but flaccid they are like 3 little bumps by my scar line. Also there are marks above my shaft skin (inner foreskin) will these fade after awhile?

    • Hi!

      As far as I know, those divots are scar tissue and they probably won’t go away, unfortunately. I have some left from my circ, too. I am personally wary about putting creams on sensitive skin, but I can’t see a problem if it’s something all-natural without any added chemicals. You just want to avoid a reaction! In terms of the inner foreskin, everything I’ve read says it will fade. However, this can take a long time. Mine is still very pink and I’m over six months out now.

      I know that the changes in the appearance of your penis can be difficult. I struggled with this myself. However, remember that overall you are better off now than you were pre-circ. Sex will be better (or, in my case, possible) and all of your foreskin problems are officially over. Besides that, everyone who has seen my post-circ penis could not tell that I’d been circumcised as an adult. To them, it appeared completely “normal”. That’s because there’s a tremendous diversity in the appearance of penises.

      So, while the way your junk looks right now might not be the most appealing to you, remember that you had this done for a reason and that your life is better now than it was before.


  10. john b said:

    my issue may be with my frenulum (too tight). if I get a circumcision, will this still be an issue (it looks like you still have yours).

    • Hi John

      It depends on your anatomy. I though that maybe my frenulum was too tight, but my circumcision demonstrated to me that, in fact, it was not. Your urologist should be able to determine if your frenulum is too tight and will be able to correct it if it is as part of your circumcision. The easiest fix for this is a frenulectomy (removal of the frenulum), but sometimes the frenulum can be moved instead. Have you tried stretching your frenulum yet? This is a potential non-surgical option.

      Good luck!


  11. Laveen88 said:

    Hi T,

    I’ve posted here before and asked you a question about my stitches when I first got circumcised. I appreciated your answer so, I’m back again. 🙂
    I’m now at the 3 month mark and everything has healed very well. My question is about sensitivity. In general, things are a lot better than they were before but, I’m still quite sensitive in the area around the meatus of the urethra (penis open). It’s sensitive to the point where I can’t receive oral sex without it causing extreme discomfort (I haven’t had penetrative sex yet). I was wondering if you had this experience? If so, how long was it before the sensitivity died down?

    Thanks again for putting this blog together!

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