I had penetrative sex for the first time since I was circumcised (and for the first time ever, actually) a few weeks ago. It was really, really great and there was absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. For me, this was the last step in my healing process, so I’m very excited about it. I’m also very excited about my new relationship, but that’s not what this blog is about.

I don’t have any pictures for you all, but I will try to describe the physical aspects of my healing up to now. The scar has softened a lot and loosened up a bit. It’s still pretty prominent, but the two people who have seen my penis up close since my surgery weren’t able to tell that I hadn’t been circumcised at birth. The inner foreskin that remains has also darkened somewhat and the head has become more purple (especially when I’m erect). Sometimes the scar is itchy, but it’s very minor and doesn’t happen very often. Some of the pinholes from the stitches remain as divets in my skin and probably will forever. However, they are hardly noticeable and I’m pretty sure that I only notice them because I see my penis daily.

In terms of sensitivity, I would say that things have pretty much stabilised. I was concerned with losing sensitivity as a result of circumcision, but I had no reason to worry, really. Things feel different for sure, but just as good. I’ve gotten over the learning curve associated with using lubricant for masturbation (little trick: saliva can make a little bit of lube go a loooong way) and I’ve even been able to masturbate without lube in a pinch.

The last healing piece (and it’s a pretty minor one) is the fact that I feel a lot more comfortable with my penis on display now. I used to avoid the showers at the gym because I didn’t want people seeing my weird junk, but now I’m completely alright with it. Also, I’ve gotten lots of compliments on how my penis looks. It’s not a huge deal for me, but it does feel nice to be unashamed of such a fundamental part of my body.

There probably won’t be any big reasons for me to update this blog for a while, but I can provide updates on request. Just drop me a comment with questions or whatever and I can try to address them. Of course, I am not a professional, so anything I say is based on personal experience/things I’ve read on the internet. You should always consult a doctor if you’re at all concerned with your junk. It’s your junk, after all.

Peace out for now!


  1. Laveen88 said:


    Thanks for putting together this blog – I’ve been reading it almost everyday and it’s definitely been really helpful in terms of having someone to relate to.
    I had my circumcision a week ago now. The stitches are starting to dissolve but, where my uro tied them off has created a very sharp point (like a twist tie that’s been twisted to a point) and they are really pinching me. It feels like I have a small, spiked collar pointing inwards all the way around my penis. I’ve found that the only way to get relief is to use Polysporin and putting a layer of gauze around it (the gauze I’ve been using is very light and breathable).
    Just wondering if this was something you experienced? If so, was there anything you did that helped?

    • Hey! I’m glad you’ve found my blog useful.

      That situation sounds awful! The only thing that I can imagine would help would be for you to cut away the painful suture. That’s what I would do, but it also seems a bit dangerous, so maybe ask your uro or family doctor first.

      Good luck with the healing process.


  2. K said:

    Stumbled upon this blog and I just can’t believe how much of a relief it was to see a day-by-day follow up of this experience, with pictures!
    I just had my circumcision 3 days ago by this post and the feelings of regret and worry, despite the need of having it done, clouded my head constantly. It looks so bad down there that I started to think it’d look like something out of Lovecraftian lore. But this blog was just the shower of confidence I needed and I got to see that all worries were just in my head.

    Thank you for taking the trouble to put up this blog, and I hope it may help others as it helped me!

    • Hi!

      I’m really happy that you’ve found my blog useful! I know things probably look pretty messy down there right now, but they’ll get better as you heal. I hope your healing process goes well!


  3. L said:

    Hi from Croatia,
    I am 30 years old and having my operation in 5 days. My problem is the same as your was. I hate for waiting for so long but I belive that I can lead a normal sex life after that. Your blog was very comforting to read, thank you very much for sharing your experience.

    • Hi!

      I’m glad you’ve found my blog useful. I hope your recovery goes well and remember that sex is very much worth the wait. Hang in there!


  4. deek max said:

    thanks for this helpful blog….its realy helpful… is my 9th day of my circumcision opretion…… tell me how meny day after i will do sex ? plz reply

    • Hi!

      I’m glad you’ve found my blog useful. You should probably ask your urologist, but as long as your stitches are out and you’re feeling up to it, it’s probably all good. Go slow and take it easy! For me, it was about six weeks before I really engaged in sexual activities. The longer you wait, the better the experience will be.

  5. JM said:

    Glad to hear you’re doing well. I’ve often though about circumcision for purely cosmetics reasons but have decided against it. But yours looks great, and I’m sure you feel much better without the constriction. Anyway, hope all continues to be well.

  6. L said:

    I did it!

    It was very stressful before and during operation, I had local anesthesia and I was uncomfortable but I survived. I just got home half hour ago and feel just fine. It doesn’t hurt. I took a pill that you buy in farmacy without prescription in hospital 45 minutes after the procedure and still doesn’t hurt. It doesnt bleed but I’m scared to go pee just yet. Doctor said that may be some skin left to go over glans. I hope so! Just need to get over this 10 days before work.

    This isn’t just physical problem, it has left me with a lot of emotional scars and one way of life behind me but I belive that I can go on happy and healthy.

    Thank you for this blog, it gave me hope and still does.

  7. Baraka said:

    This is an amazing blog!
    I did mine last year December and it’s practically fully healed now. Of course it doesn’t look like I was circumcised as an infant but it still feels pretty natural and is now as good as new!

  8. Miguel said:

    First of all thank you very much for this blog.
    It’s really great that i have some1 to relate to. A lot of my concerns and doubts have just vanished as i was reading your experiences. I really appreciate the fact you shared with us every detail without any shame whatsoever. all the details matter afterall x). I’m on the 4th day after the surgery btw, and im really looking forward to get rid of these fu*** stitches asap. Thank you again for this blog, it was a big relief to see all the things im going through are all normal results of the circumcision.
    Cheers from Portugal

    • Hi Miguel

      So glad you found my blog and have found it useful! It’s good to hear that your healing is going well. Your stitches will be out soon enough, I promise. It’s worth it in the end.

      Happy healing


  9. Leon said:

    Hi T,

    I have a question:

    I came across this great blog of yours and I was wondering if you would allow me to use (part of) your pictures and tranlate a part of your experience into Dutch for use on my Dutch website about circumcision:
    My website has been around for about 12 years, I made it after my own circumcision at age 25 and it looks a little outdated now, but I’m modernising the website now, and soon there will be a much better looking website.
    If you would allow me to use a part of your blog as a photodiary for my website, you would help a lot of Dutch men with making a decision about getting circumcised. Of course I would mention a link to your original blog, so those who read English could read your full version.

    Would you please let me know, if you would agree?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Leon

      Feel free to use the information provided here. All I ask is that you source everything and provide a link back to the original source.


      • Leon said:

        Thank you VERY MUCH, T! I’ll let you know as soon as I have something on my site!

  10. John Sherlock said:

    Thanks for posting this blog. I had mine done 12 days ago. The pics you posted have reassured me that I am right on track. I was concerned about the stitches still being around, but when I read that your’s were too, I relaxed. Your Blog has answered so many questions and concerns.

    Houston, TX

    • Hi John!

      So glad you’ve found my blog and that it has reassured you in your healing journey. I hope that things continue to progress well for you!


      • John Sherlock said:

        I have my 2 week follow up with my Urologist on Monday. Hopefully everything will be good. I feel good about it, especially after reading your blog…..Thanks

      • I hope it goes as well as my follow-up did! Good luck.

  11. Frederick said:

    Hi T
    I’m on day 9 and super freaked out as also have what looks like a scab forming but it’s to soft an sticks to my underwear but then I read u’r blog an u describe in the previous entry a white see through fluid and mine is like that so what a glad it’s no infection or something like that but very painful when I clean can get rid of it quickly?

    • Hi There!

      It sounds like what I described was different from what you’re experiencing. I had a small white bump that was filled with fluid. I know that scabbing and spotting is fairly normal in the days after the surgery, but it sounds like maybe you should call your urologist to discuss it with them. It’s probably a normal part of the healing process, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

      Good luck


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