This is a blog chronicling my adult circumcision journey. I’m a 22 year-old Canadian man and I’ve suffered from phimosis for my entire life. It’s something that I’m only now working to fix. I realized that there isn’t a lot of adult circumcision information online, especially for individuals working within the Canadian medical system, so I started this blog as a source of information for others in situations similar to mine.

  1. Sam said:

    Hey saw your 7 werk update, I’ve actually been watching the progress of your blog for a while now. I’ve been reading it because I tore my frenulum a while back, it hasn’t healed right, and the urologist ( I finally went to) recommended a full circumcision. This was last winter break (also in college) and got too scared by it to go through at that time. I’m still thinking about it, it still does hurt after sexual activity, and I have kind of always wanted it done, I’ve just been afraid of not liking it after its been cut.

    To me, getting circumcised would be a huge physical transformation of my penis, and very permanent change to my sexual identity (different kind of meaning for that). Was going through it for you worthwhile? Is it weird looking down and seeing no skin there, or going to pee and realizing there is no skin to pull back? Sorry for lots of questions, I’ve really wanted to know.

    To me, though times slightly embarrassing, having a foreskin set me apart from the other guys, made me unique, this is a frightening prospect for me to lose, to then look like the other guys down there. but not just look like, to change how I pleasure myself, how my little man feels when it is soft and expands, or the head against clothing, it seems so intimate of a change, that is why I am afraid of this!

    Sorry to kind if rant, and i mean no judgment for either being better, I’m just afraid of the change. Did you have fears? Have you adjusted? Have you realized this really doesn’t mean as much as I am fearing? I think it’s instinctual to fear this, it is the penis anyways!

    Hope that wasn’t too overwhelming, any answer is greatly appreciated!


    • Hey Sam!

      I’m glad you’ve found my blog useful.

      Part of the reason why I waited so long to deal with my phimosis is the fact that my foreskin was very much a part of my sexual identity. It’s for that reason that I also sought out other options which would preserve my foreskin and thus my sexual identity. I was very emotionally challenged by the eventuality of a circumcision and I found it very frustrating that both urologists I visited didn’t consider my emotional well-being at all. It was almost as if they didn’t think that such a change would affect me in ways other than physically. I’m sure for some men it doesn’t. However, that piece of skin holds a lot for some of us, and the change involved with a circumcision is permanent. Of course, I was stuck: either I could keep my foreskin and never have satisfying (i.e. painless) penetrative sex, or I could have it removed and attempt a sex life in which I would be satisfied. After a lot of consideration, I chose the latter option. It’s not for everyone and the decision is immensely personal. Consider all of the factors involved before you make your call!

      In terms of my relationship with my penis now, it is… alright. I think I will be happier once I’ve fully healed. Don’t get me wrong–I love it, and I am 100% satisfied with my decision. However, there are still things about it which are alien to me and it is very strange to feel alienated from your genitalia. For example, before when I peed I would repeatedly retract my foreskin and replace it to get rid of those last dribbles of urine. I’ve learned to just sort of shake it out now. Also, I had to re-learn some things about masturbation. I’m still figuring out lubrication, because I’ve never had to use it before. Little things like that keep hitting me at this stage and I’m sure they will eventually stop. I sort of expected this sort of thing to happen–it’s such a permanent and significant change, after all.

      I suppose it’s like meeting an old friend after years of never having seen them. It is very significant and things are different from what you once knew, but the essence of the person and your relationship with them remains (hopefully). I like to remind myself why I made this choice and to remember that the reasons why it will be worth it will become clear in due time.

      I hope that helps! Don’t hesitate to communicate with me if you need to 🙂


  2. Sam said:

    I am releaved to hear that someone else has these same concerns when it comes to this procedure. I have also been very frustrated by urologists who see only skin to cut off, and are confused to find their patient so hesitant over something they deem unneeded. I suppose that is a problem from living in a society where the majority of men are still done.
    I am curious though, your situation has been in Canada, I would have thought that they would be more willing to go for other options. I’m sorry to hear the urologist thought that it would have been just cosmetic, so do nothing or all of it goes? The guy I went to here went over other procedures, he just said that the success rate he’s seen was less than 50 percent, and many come back for circumcision a few months later anyways. He said he recommends it first now because he doesn’t think more surgery on any penis is a good idea. (At least he acknowledged that) but he was bewildered that I wanted to wait for what he kept calling a quick fix to a small problem.
    To change ones identity this way and ones relationship with his penis could never be simple! Transforming ones manhood into this other thing has so many implications, psychosexual, physical and social. I feel like they need to offer counciling with this procedure. Lol
    I’m still not sure if I will go through with it, I’m happy for your optimism. It would be a huge relief to not worry about tearing more down there. It would also be really bizarre to be like everyone else in the gym shower, or like the rest of my friends who can’t understand. I’m not sure but for some reason I just had the feeling of a strange male group bonding thing, from the thought of being like the rest of my friends. This procedure has too many tribal undertones, and conformity which I tend to dislike, is comforting but sour tasting at the same time. Ugh, many mixed emotions

    • Sam said:

      If I were to have this, I would very much feel like a wolf in Sheaps clothing. It can change outwardly but the mind knows the other side.

  3. JohnP said:

    This blog has been very helpful. I am considering getting this done because I have been dealing with painful foreskin for the past 7 months. I have seen many doctors/specialists, all of whom seemed baffled and insists if my pain persists I should get a circumcision.

    I would like to know how you are doing now, I am assuming all is well since your last post was over a month ago.
    Any recent input would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi John.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I’m glad it’s been useful for you.

      I think I will write a post with an update today, actually! Keep an eye out for it.


  4. Alex said:

    Very good blog sir. I am going through some similar issues at 31. I have been avoiding going to doctors as of now trying to do stretches first. I don’t want to go through circumcision if I don’t have to. I hope everything is going well for you, doctors in Ontario are not always the most helpful depending on who you are seeing.

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